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506 TWENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Suss. II. Ch. 130, 177, 178. 1842. Srncra II. Aug' gy, 1g4g_ Crue. CXXX. -· An Act in relgtign to gba ldisggct court for the northern district .._._. 0 ew or . Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Itepresentatives of the Clerk of the United States of America in Congress assembled, Flldtllt shall be lawful °°!"” m°Y ‘*P· for the clerk of the district court for the northern district of New York, i:9m° °.d°p°°y l to appoint a deputy, who, in his absence, may exercise all the official KS powers. _ , f A b · h f powers of the said clerlr, at the village o u urn, in the county o D,,,,,,,,, ,0,,,,,0 Cayuga, in the said district. And such deputy, before he enters on the an oath. dischar e of his duties, shall take the usual oath for the faithful per- .€l*"}‘ f”P°¤p formande of his duties as such deputy. U And nothing herein contained Els [S ° shall be held to excuse or release the sa1d c§rll1·:af1;'omfleg_a; relsptgnsibilty D for acts performed by his said deputy, in e 0 said cer in the ollice aforesaid. Approved, August 11, 1842. Srnurs II. "*' Aug. 16, 18-12. Crim. CLXXVII.-an Aet explanatory of an act entitled “An act to constififte the Tm ports of Stonington, Zllystic river, and Pawcatuek river, a collection district? C O [lg. , _ 1842.*5*1-l?0· Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the ggnstruction United States if America in Congress aspemblcd, Tglgtt the first iplction ° ‘ °lS°5°°*i°¤ of the act entitled "An act to constitute tie ports 0 tomngton, ystic °flh° w' river, and Pawcatuck river, a collection district," shall be construed in the same manner it would have been had the words "_from and after the thirtieth day of June next" been wholly omitted in said section. The uettotake Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the aforesaid act, entitled °,€l°°‘3g°‘“ md “An act to constitute the ports of Stonington, Mystic river, and Paw-

 August catuck river, a collection district," approved August third, eighteen

18+2, ch. 120. hundred and forty-two, shall take clfecft in hall itsdprpvigipins, ain; be in force as hereby explained, from and a ter the said t ir ay o ugust, eighteen hundred and forty-two. Approved, August 16, 1842. Surcrn Il. ""' Aug 15, 1g4g_ CHAP. CLXXVIII.—-An Act authorizing the settlement and payment of certain ——————- claims of the State of Alabama. Be it enacted by the Senate and House ey" Representatives of the Sccrctar of United States o America in Con ress assembled That the Secretar of Y - . g . ·. . Y Q;/§;é‘?_l;‘:‘ilf6 War be, and hereby is, directed to audit and adjust the claims of the cia{,,,sl,,{ Ap,- State of Alabama, under such laws and regulations as have heretpfoge bama, how. governed the Department in auditinu and allowing the claims 0 the States on the United States, for moneys advanced and paid by said State for subsistence supplies and services of local troops called into service by and under the authoiities of said State, but not mustered into the service of the United States, and for provisions and forage furnished the friendly Indians during the Creek and Seminole hostilities, in the years eighteen hundred and thirty-six and eighteen hundred and thirty-seven, in all cases in which the payment was for subsistence, supplies, service, provisions, and forage, which would have been paid for under existing laws and regulations, if such troops had been mustered into the service of the United States, and the provisions and forage had been furnished t?';:; d" by an agent of the United States; and that the sum so found due to said ` State be aid out of an mone in the Treasur not otherwise a ro— . . P . Y . Y . . . Y . . . PP Yf¤V1S<>· printed: Provided, That, in auditing and adjusting said claims, duly authenticated co ies of a ers which have been lost or destro ed u on P P P _ _ _)' i P due proof of such loss or destruction, shall be received as evidence. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of War be, Ylb)kN0ips3tc;L;lle acts relating to the times of holding the District Court in the northern district of New or ,vo. , .