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512 TWENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 186. 1342. Evidence re- partment to show his regular appointment as such officer. And the °¤i"¤l>l¤· certificates of proper officers, whether given during or smcc the expiration of their term of service, shall be receivable by the Auditor m the settlement of such claims. Approved, August 23, 1842. Srrlrurrz II. "*"‘ Aug, 23, 1g4Q, Ch.~.r·. CLXXXVI. --./2n det respecting the organization of the army, and for ?;§ g B db 7 S0”‘”pu1d0S;*;(a)fRep tti f I · . . ¢ - e it erzacte 2 tee enate an cuse 0 resena ues 0 tre 3*/’ V°l' 3* ug' United States of America in Congress assembled, That hereafter, and Drazoons to so soon as the reduction can be effected as herein provided, each comb¤ Yéauccd- pany of dragoons shall consist of the commissioned officers as now proaéiilfejdgglbf vided by law, and of four sergeants, four corporals, two buglers, one 1844, ch.1l.farrier and blacksmith, and fifty privates; and the second regiment of 2d ’°8m'*d’¤· dragoons now in service shall be converted, after the fourth day of 5§}‘},";;’,*g’gg,j'€“ March next, into a regiment of riflemen; and each company of artillery Artillery wire shall consist of the commissioned officers as now provided by law, and ¤'*i;l`*;°°<l· { b of four sergeants, four corporals, two artlficers, two musicians, and ,edu°;',;T' ° ° forty-two privates; and each company of infantry shall consist of the same number of commissioned officers as now provided, and of four sergeants, four corporals, two musicians, and forty-two privates; and Noam, {mms that no recruits shall be enlisted for the dragoons, artillery, or infantry, ,0 be msdc lm until the numbers in the several companies shall be reduced by the exafter the reduc- piration of the term of service, byddischarge, or other caulses, pflow yhle

  • 0**- , number herein fixed for the said com anies res ective : ravire ,

Pm""' That nothing in this section shall be ploiistrued toiprevenfl the re-enlistment of non-commissioned officers w ose terms o service may ex ire before the army shall be reduced to the number heretofore established. Omces O,~su_ Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the offices of the superinpeyimendams of tendents of the armories at Springfield and at Harper’s Ferry shall be, vrmoriss M and the same are hereby abolished, and the duties thereof shall be per-

 formed by such officers of the ordnance corps as shall be designated by

abolished, the President; and that from and after the first day of October next, R¤l¤¤v¤ to the master armorers, at the national armories, shall receive, each, twelve ¥?¥iii¥t~*‘¥¥» *:“:t;$i.;‘°11:;: :2**1,r~la,s:·zsbl::::;t;;ri::€::.1.a¤2.;h:.;¤;*;;:;;;2 c er as c. = U i ‘ i · 5 ’ ters and military sttéekeepers, at the armories, and at the arsenals of construction at Pittsbur , Watervliet, and Washin ton cit , shall receive, each, twelve hundred and fifiy dollars anuudcily, paydble in like manner, and the said paymasters and military storekeepers, shall give security for the faithfiil discharge of their duties, in such sum as the Secretary of War shall prescribe. And the two military storekeepers, 18*21, cli. 13. authorized by the act of second of March, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-one, shall receive, each, twelve hundred and fifty dollars per annum. And no military storekeeper, at arsenals, shall, after the first day of October next, receive, as pay, or emoluments, beyond eight hundred dollars per annum, besides quarters actually provided and occupied as such, and the number authorized to be thus employed is hereby limited to ten; and all other offices of military storekeepers are hereby abolished, apd discontinued, on and after said first day of October, and the officers ereby dismissed, shall be allowed three months’ a in addition to the pay and emoluments to which they may be entitliddyon that day. And none of the above-named officers, and no officers at the armories, of any grade whatever, shall hereafter receive emoluments of any kind, or any compensation or commutation beyond their stipulated (a) Notes of the acts relating to the army of the United States, from 1789 to 1804, vol. 2, 249. Mgiotes of the acts establishing rnles, &.c. for the government of the army of the United States, vol. 2