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TWENT Y-SEVEN TH CONGRESS. S1sss.II. Ch. 187. 1842. 513 pay, in money, except quarters actually provided for and occupied by such officcrs. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the officc of Commissaxy OfficeofC¤m~ General of Purchases, sometimes called Commissary of Purchases, shall gig) bc, and the same is h€l'€by Hb0l1Sh€d, and the duties thereof shall here- 0d_ ` after be performed by the officers of the Q.uartcrmastcr’s department Duties to be with such of the officcrs and plerks now attached to the Purchasing dc; l;*;£<;n¤¤§Ld by pmtmeiit aslshall be authorized hy the Secretgry of Wm-, and under ’ °` Such icgulfstclonspas siéalltbcfpgcsgnzcg lgtthec stud Secretary, under the sanction o c resi cri o c m c a s. Sec. 4. Arid be il further enacted, That, within one month after the OfHces_of Inphssage of this act, the offices of one inspector general, of .three pay- ‘¥’°°'°’(’°“°’°*- masters, two surgeons, and ten assistant surgeons of the army shall be :gLT;i,°;i?S;j_ abolished, and thst number of paymastcrs, surgeons and assistant sur- 1846, ch 3. geons shall be d1schargcd by the Presxdent and they shall be allowed three inonths’ pay, in addition to the pay ancfcmoluments to which they may be entitled at the time of their discharge. Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That a competent person may be Employment employed by the Ordnance bureau, under the direction of the Secretary ¢>f¤ P9f¤¤¤ to of War, for such time as may be necessary, to supcrintend the manu- f25g5E3Eés?? facturc of iron cannon at the several foundries where such cannon may iron cannon uube made under contracts with the United States, whose pay and smolu- ¢h¤fi¤¤d· ments shall not excccd those of ri major of ordnance during the umc hc shall be so employed, to be paid out of the appropriations for armament of fortifications; and for the services rendered in such supciintendencs since the first day of March eicrhtccn hundred and forty-onc under the authority of the War Deparimcznt, the same compensation shall be allowed as herein provided. Sec. 6. And be it urther enacted That the rations authorized to be Rations allow- . . . ’ . . · allowed to a brigadier while commander-in-chief, und to each officer g&;°r*;°{:°¤¤t while commandingla separate post, by the act of March third, ssvc11— om; Bdiazici teen hundred and ninety-seven, and to the commanding officers of each 1797, ch. 16, separate post, by the act of March sixteen, eighteen hundred and two, $3216;; lgivch shall hereafter be allowed to the following officers and no others: to hemgmml K; be the major general commanding the tmny, and to every officer command- allowqd to the mg m chief a. separate army, actually in the Gcld ; to the generals com- iglging °‘T· mzmding the eastern and western geographical divisions; to the colo- lm ch *21 gm ncls or other officers commanding military gegpraphical departments; ’’ ' to the commandzmt of each permanent or fix post garrisoncd with troops, including the superintendent of the military scadcmy at West Point, who is regarded as the commandant of that post. _ Approved, August 23, 1842. """""' Surunz II. Cmlr. CLXXXV1I.—-dn Act ioprovidclfor the 8dti#.dCli07Bg· claims arising em- Aug. 23, 1842. dar {hc ourteenth and nineteenth arlic cs of the treaty of zmcing Rabbit crack, umd in September, one thousand nigh! hundred and thirty. Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of fha United Acts of Bd Stairs of America in Congress assembled Thut the act npprovc on Murchl837, ch. the third of March, eighteen htmdred and,thirty-seven, cntitlcd "An gf’éb¤*;<L§§dch 1I0h {Ur the uppointment of commissioners to adjust the claims to TGSCT- 13{ ’t vntious of lziiid under tht; lbuiteeiitli article of the trcaty of eightceu iqpgiieiiroi-iiig. hundrézzl and thirty, with the Choctavé Indians: {mal alsogthel wilt api g;;°Qcl£’v23* Pmvc on the twenty-second day of cbruury, cig tccn un rc nn 1;;},, ,_ yi thirty-eight, entitled ·· An att to nmond an not entitled ‘ An act for the V01h;.},. 114· appointment of commissioners to adjust the claims to rescrvations of lmid undcr the fourtccnth article of the treaty of eightccn hundred ating thirty with the Choctaw Indians} so fur as the same are not repo c OY Plliidificd by the provisions of this act," bc, and the SZIHIO M6 hCl'€bY, Vox,. V.-65