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TWENTYZSEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 202. 1842. 533 For compensation to a clerk in the office of Superintendent of Indian Clerks in office Affairs at St. Louis, authorized by a previous section of this act, twelve S¤p>ri¤w¤den: hundred dollars: Provided, That any sum heretofore appropriated for- In ‘°“ AH?‘l'” · - . at St. Louis. two clerks, now dispensed with, be not used or applied. For compensation to two commissioners to examine claims under the Commission to treaty with the Chcrokees of eighteen hundred and thirty-five, and pay examine claims gf rr secretary, and provisions for Indians during the session of the ;‘,';‘§’Ch°'°k°° board, and for contingent expenses, thirteen thousand five hundred dol- y` lars ; and for arrearages of the late board of commissioners under same treaty, one thousand five hundred and fifty-eight dollars. For compensation to two clerks, authorized to be continued by the Clerksin office Secretary of War in the office of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Commissioner by joint resolution, approved May twenty, eighteen hundred and forty- kdm Am“”‘ two, in addition to former appropriations, fifteen hundred dollars. Judiciary.-No. 37. For the contingent expenses of the Attorney Judiciary. Generals office, five hundred dollars. Aticrney Gen- ·Sno, 23. And be it further enacted, That in case the sum appro. elglgriilfglggpcna priated for any object shall be found more than sufficient to meet the object may be expense thereby contemplated, the surplus may be applied, under the “PF’TP*’l**'€d *0 direction of the head of the proper department, to supply the deficiency 3`epnpc; E,;};?,: of any other item in the same department or office: Provided, That other, except the expenditure for newspapers and periodicals shall not exceed the ""‘l'Sg?P‘i'S and amount specifically appropriated to that object by this act. p°n° m °' Sec. 24. And be it further enacted, That the following sums be, and Appropriations hereby are, appropriated for the 0b`ects hereinafter mentioned, viz. {0* (*°“€"°”· For pay and mileage of the memiiers of Congress and delegates from Pay and milethe Territories, in addition to the sum already appropriated to that ob- ”g°‘ ject during the present session, one hundred and twenty-two thousand six hundred and thirty dollars. For stationery, printing, and all other incidental and contingent ex- Expenses of penses of the Senate, in addition to the sum already appropriated to S"’““*°· that object during the present session, seven thousand and fifty-eight dollars. For stationery, printing, and all other incidental and contingent ex— Expenses of penses of the House of Representatives, in addition to the sum already H· of R°P’- appropriated to that object during the present session, twentydive thousand dollars. Sec. 25. And be it further enacted, That it shall not, at any time Accounts of no hereafter, be lawful for any accounting or disbursing officer of the Go- g:‘;1”‘£‘°“ex_ vernment to allow or pay any account or charge whatever, growing out ,,,,},,20,,,};; m,,,, of, or in any way connected with, any commission or inquiry, except tial, dsp. to be courts martial or courts of inquiry in the military or naval service of the ;’€;‘3,,;‘{‘;};‘;)‘;;f* United States, until special appropriations shall have been made by law pr;,,,;,,r,_ to pay such accounts and charges: Provided, That this shall not extend PygviSg_ to the contingent fund connected with the foreign intercourse of the Government placed at the disposal of the President of the United States. Sec. 26. And be it further enacted, That the following sums be ap- Appruprgarrorrs propriated from the patent fund, viz 1 pol? *}*6 P¤¢¤¤* A sum not exceeding three hundred dollars, for printing a digest of 'giém of Pa patents from January first, eighteen hundred and thirty-nine. tems, For the purchase of such scientific books as are necessary for the use Scientific of the Patent Office, one thousand dollars. _ b°°k“· For the collection of agricultural statistics and for other agricultural Agricultural purposes, one thousand dollars. m"B“°s‘ Approved, August 26, 1842. 2 u 2