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TWENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. SBss.II. C11. 257. 1842. 539 m the registers and receivers of public money in the several offices established for the sale of the public lands. SEC, 3. And be it further enacted, That all that part of the south- Psrtofcercain Western district of Missouri which is situated north of the line between °£“*”°· townships thirty-four and thirty-Svc, and that portion of the Fayette land mgm dimgi district lying west of the line dividing ranges twenty aud twenty—0nc west, south of the Missouri river, is hereby annexed to, and shall make a part of the western or Lexington district of Missouri, the cfiice for which district shall be located at such place as the President shall designate. SEC, 4. And be it further cnactéd, That it shall be the duty of the PIM ofsur- Seeretary of the Treasury, as soon as the same can be done, to cause ;;’;;3£°tg;‘ the plats of the surveys of the new district hereby created, and of the proper Gmc8B_ portion annexed to the western district, to be deposited in the proper 0fHces, and he ié hereby authorized to allow and pay out of the proceeds of the sales of the public: lands, the reasonable expenses which Reasomlblc may be incurred in carrying this act into effect. ;’;$’“S°S m b° Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That this act shall take effect Ac; whgnto and be in force from and after the expiration of six calendar mouths from ¢¤k¤ ¢>fY<=¢¢ the date of the passage there0fZ Armzovmn, August 29, 1842. Snrun II. CHAP. CCLVII. —-.8n dot to progid; remedial justice in the courts of the Avg_ 29 1842

 m 8 a e8'   Act ofAug. 23,

Be zt enacted by the Senate and House of Represcniatzves of the 1842,_¤h-188- United States of America in Congress assembled, That either of the S{1‘;i;‘;$;é’gi$° justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, or judge of any &,,_emp0wm(i district court of the United States, in which a prisoner is confined, in Mggrumwurs addition to the authority already conferred by law, shall have power to Sus {3;;; grant writs of habeas corpus in ali cases of any prisoner or prisoners in jms Ogyomggn jail or confinement, where he, she, or they, being subjects or citizens S¢¤¤¤¤ awfin of a foreign State, and domiciled therein, shall be committed or con- '{}“;;;‘ily§¤g;° fined, or in custody, under or by any authority or law, or process found- gm ’ cd thereon, of the United States, or of any one of them, for or on account of any act d0nc or omitted under an); alleged 1i1ght,g1tlc,J1uti1;>· r1ty, privi age protection or exemption se up or c a1mc un cr c commission, or order, or sanction, of any; foreign State or Sovereignty, the validity and effect whereof depend upon the law of nations, or under color thereofi And upon the return of the said writ, and duc proof of the service of notice of the said proceeding to the Attorney General cr other officer prosecuting the pleas of the State, under whose authority the petitioner has been arrested, committed, 0% is ileid lf; Custody, to be prescribed by the said justice or judge at t c time 0 granting said writ, the said justice or judge sha!] proceed to hear tim Said CMI5f:; and ii] upon hearing the same, it shall appear that {ITB PNS0H6T OY PHS" if ;;’F;lp3"ig“§; 0Y{€l’S is 01* arc entitled to be discharged from such c0I1Hn<-BIIEGHI, (bpm- Esghéged for mlimcllt, Custody or arrest, for or by reason of such aiicgcd 1‘1ght, £1ii€, th? right, &,c_ authority, privileges, protection cr exemption, so set up and cIa1mcd, gizggidg Mid the laws of nations applicable theretoa and that the Same €2€lStS In Shan fmhwitg fact, and has been duly proved to the Sa1djl1SfL06 0; Jud;?, tgz9H It Shag discharge him. be the duty of the said justice or judge fort wit to isc argc suc prisoner or prisoners accordingly. And if it shall appear to the said j¤S£iG€ Ot judge that such judgment or discharge <Lugi1Ln0£ to bafiéudcgéd, {him the Said prisoner or prisoners sha!] be fort Wit Iémcll 0 I 7*0- *`°"*B°• vided always, That from any decision of such justice O1' jlldgé RH uppeal may be taken to the circuit court of the Uu1t<=;l Stages for theé district in which the said cause is heard; and rom the Ju gment 0 e said circuit court to the Supreme Court of the United States, OI1 such