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552 TWENTY·SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sr:ss.I1. Ch.270. 1842. provided, also, That no articles manufactured from steel, sheet, rod, hoop, or other kinds of iron, shall pay a less rate of duty than is chargeable on the material of which it is composed, in whole or in part, pay- ing the highest rate of duty either by weight or value, and a duty of · fifteen per centum ad valorem on the cost of the article added thereto. Old 0, samp Third. On all old or scrap iron, ten dollars per ton.: Provided, That iron. nothing shall be deemed old iron that has not been IH actual use, and fit only to be remanufactured; and all pieces of iron, except old, of more than six inches in length, or of sufficient length to be made into spikes and bolts, shall be rated as bar, bolt, rod, or hoop iron, as the case may be, and pay duty accordingly : Provided, also, That all vessels of cast iron, and all castings of iron not rough as from the mould, but partially manufactured after the casting, or with handles, rings, hoops, or other additions of wrought iron, shall pay the same rates of duty herein imposed on all other manufactures of wrought iron not herein enumerated, if that shall amount to more than the duty on castings. F,,,,_,,,mS' Fourth. On muskets, one dollar and fifty cents per stand; rifles, two hardware, &.o. dollars and fifty cents each; on axes, adzes, hatchets, plane irons, socket chisels and vices, drawing knives, cutting knives, sickles orareaping hooks, scythes, spades, shovels, squares of iron or steel, plated or polished steel saddlery and brass saddlery, coach and harness furniture of all descriptions, steelyards and scale beams, and all fire arms other than muskets and rifles, and all side arms, thirty per centum ad valorem; on Umbrellawire. square wire, used for the manufacture of stretchers for umbrellas, whencut in pieces not exceeding the length suitable therefor, twelve and a half per centum ad valorem. S(,,,,,,,,_ Fifth. On screws made of iron called wood screws, twelve cents per pound; on all other screws of iron not specified, thirty per centum B,.,,Ss_ ad valorem; on brass screws, thirty cents per pound; on sheet and rolled brass, a duty of thirty per centum ad valorem; on brass battery, or hammered kettles, twelve cents per pound. SML Sixth. On cast, shear, and German steel in bars, one dollar and fifty cents per one hundred and twelve pounds; and on all other steel in bars, two dollars and fifty cents per one hundred and twelve pounds; on solid headed pins, and all other package pins, not exceeding hve thousand to the pack of twelve papers, forty cents per pack, and the same in proportion for a greater or less quantity; on pound pins, twenty cents per pound ; on sewing, tambouring, darning, netting, and knitting, and all other kinds of needles, a duty of twenty per centum ad valorem; on common tinned, and japanned saddlery, of all descriptions, twenty per centum ad valorem. Various manu- Seventh. On japanned ware of all kinds, or papier macho, and plated €¤f*¤’°¤ °f m°· and gilt wares of all kinds, and on cutlery of all kinds, and all other M' manufactures, not otherwise specified, made of brass, iron, steel, lead, copper, pewter, or tin, or of which either of these metals is a component ~material, thirty per centum ad valorem; Provided, That all manufactures of iron and steel, or other metals, partly finished, shall pay the same rates of duty as if entirely finished. Lead. Eighth. On lead in pigs and bars, three cents per pound; on old and scrap lead, one cent and a half per pound; leaden pipes, leaden shot, and lead in sheets, or in any other form not herein specified, four cents per pound; on type metal and stereotype plates, twenty-five per centum ad valorem; types, whether new or old, twenty-five per centum [_ ad valorem; on copper bottoms cut round, and copper bottoms raised "°Pp°" at the edge, and still bottoms out round and turned up on the edge, and parts thereof, and on copper plates or sheets weighing more than thirty- four ounces per square foot, commonly called braziers’ copper, thirty per centum ad valorem; on copper rods and bolts, nails and spikes, four