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TVVENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. C1z.270. 1842. 557 half per pound; on sulphate of barytes, one half cent per pound; on linseed, hempseed, and rapeseed oil, twenty-hve cents per gallon; on putty, one cent and a half per pound. See. 7. And be it further enacted, That from and after the passage of this act there shall be levied, collected, and paid, on the importation of the articles hereinafter mentioned, the following rates of duty; that is to say: First. On bank, folio, quarto post of all kinds, and letter and bank P¤P¤¤‘» P¤P€¥ note paper, seventeen cents per pound; on antiquarian, demy, drawing, §““H b““”· elephant, double elephant., foolscap, imperial, medium, pot, pith, royal, Ql;fé,p:£,°iiO,,. Supeproyal, and writing paper, fifteen cents per pound; on copperplate, cry, mes. &<=· blotting, copying, colored for labels, colored for needles, marble or fancy colored, glass paper, morocco paper, pasteboard, pressing~board, sand paper, tissue paper, and on all gold or silver paper, whether in sheets or strips, twelve and a half cents per pound; on colored copperplate, printing, and stainers’ paper, ten cents per pound; on binders’ boards, box boards, mill boards, paper·makers’ boards, sheathing, wrapping, and cartridge paper, three cents per pound; and on all paper envelopes, whether plain, ornamental, or colored, and on all billet·doux or fancy note paper, of whatever form or size, when of less size than letter paper, thirty per centum ad valorem; on music paper, with lines, and on paper gilt or covered with metal other than gold or silver, paper snuff boxes, japanned or not japanned, and other fancy paper boxes, twenty-nve per centum ad valorem; on all paper hangings, or paper for screens or fireboards, thirty-five per centum ad valorem ; on all blank or visiting cards, twelve cents per pound; on playing cards, twenty-five cents per pack; on blank books, when bound, twenty- cents per pound; when unbound, fifteen cents per pound; on all parchment and vellum, and on asses' skin and imitation thereof, wafers, sealing-wax, and black lead pencils, crayons of all kinds, and metallic pens, twenty-five per centum ad valorem; ink and ink powder of all kinds, twenty-five per centum ad valorem; quills, prepared or manufactured, twenty-five per centum ad valorem; quills, unprepared or unrnanufactured, fifteen per centurn ad valorem; on rags, of whatever material, waste or shoddy, a quarter of one cent per pound; all other paper not enumerated, fifteen cents per pound. Second. On all books printed in the English language, or of which the Books, &·c· English forms the text, when bound thirty cents per pound, when in sheets or boards, twenty cents per pound : Provided, That whenever the importer' shall prove, to the satisfaction of the collector, when the goods are entered, that any such book has been printed and published abroad more than one year, and not republished in this country, or has been printed and published abroad more than five years before such importation, then and in such case said books shall be admitted at one half of the above rate of duties: Provided, That the said terms of one year and live years, shall in no case commence, or be computed at and from a day before the passing of this act; on all books printed in Latin or Greek, or in which either language forms the text, when bound, fifteen cents per pound, when unbound, thirteen cents per pound; on all books printed in Hebrew, or of which that language forms the text, when bound, ten cents per pound, and when unbound, eight cents per pound; Provided, That all books printed in foreign languages, Latin, Greek, and Ilebrew excepted, shall pay a duty of five cents per volume when bound or in boards, and when in sheets or pamphlets, lifteen cents per pound; and editions of works in the Greek, Latin, Hebrew, or English language, which have been printed forty years prior to the date of nnportation, shall pay a duty of five cents per volume; and all reports of legislative committees appointed under foreign Governments shall pay H duty of hve cents per volume; on polyglots, lexicogs, apd dictionctrxes, ,.. w N