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24 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 59. 1836. Lagatiuu to For the salary of the drogoman to the legatiou of the United Stem T¤*k°Y· to Turkey, and for contingent expenses of that legatton, six thousand fi e hundred dollars. _ _ _ Outfits of vFor outfits of ministers to Great Bntam, France, and Spam, twenty- ¤¤l¤i¤¥¤¤¤- th and dollars. _ Outfits of SmFdr oiiilits of charges des aifaires to Mexico, Prussia, and Peru, thir- °h"$°’· teen thousand five hundred dollars. ' degsnts vf For the salaries of the agents for claims at London and Paris, four °“"°‘ th sand dollars. ’ Bubuy paw. hclllor tgiel tiifrpenses of intercourse with the Barbary Powers, twelve ¤¤‘¤· thousand dollars. _ _ American For the relief and profection of American seamen m foreign coun- ”“m°"· ts thirt thousand dollars. Digest of Cum- mFd•r coni leting Digest of Commercial Regulations of Foreign Conn- . P _ . . "5‘°‘°‘“lR°€“1°‘ tries, under the resolutionof the House of Representatives of the third "°°°' of March, eighteen hundred and thirty-one, five thousand eight hundred and eighty-three dollars and thirty-four cents. _ h C“’“gl“‘ For completing the custom·house at New Bedford, and enclosing the §’::,°j;,,di·Q},d_ lot, seven thousand two hundred dollars. _ _ _ At New York. For the erection of a custom-house at New York, m addition to former appropriations, three hundred thousand dollars. AtB¤1tiruore For completing the public warehouse, at Baltimore, seventeen thousand dollars. Direct taxes. For the payment of balances due to officers of the old internal revenue and direct tax, being the balance of a former appropriation for that object, carried to the surplus fund, thirty-hrst December, eighteen hundred and thirty-five, five thousand seven hundred dollars and twenty- three cents. “lnh¤bit¤nts of For paying certain inhabitants of West Florida, now citizens of &;“* Fl°“d“· Louisiana and Mississippi, the claims passed by the accounting officers of the Treasury, being the balance of a former appropriation for that object, carried to the surplus fund on the thirty-first December, eighteen hugdred and thirty-five, one thousand five hundred and nineteen dollars an forty-one cents. For the payment of certain certificates, being the balance of a former appropriation for that object, carried to the surplus fund on the thirty- lirst December, eighteen hundred and thirty-five, thirty-seven thousand four hundred fifty-five dollars and seventy-stx cents. For the incidental and contingent expenses of the Department of State, being a balance due to William Browne, on that account, two thousand and ten dollars and six cents. For clerk hire and other expenses in relation to the northeastern boundary agency, being a balance due to Williarn Browne, on that account, two thousand seven hundred and thirty-two dollars and twenty cents; these two last appropriations to be carried to the credit of said A t _ I Brgwne, on accotpnt o1:` contmgenicies of foreign intercourse. u rauomrca or urrearages or the service o astronomer assistants, and incidental ggjffagggspw expenses incurred in malring astronomical obdervations during the year or ohio_ eighteen hundred and thirty-five, under the act of the fourteenth July, less, ctr, 232. eighteen. hundred and thirty-two,. "to provide for the taking of certain Promo gfbsplfvaéxons ppepipatpry to the adjustment of the northern boundary line - the tate o io ._ Provided, The compensation to the principal usronomer and assistants shall not exceed that granted, under the appro- Pnatton for the same service, of eighteen hundred and thirty-three, thir- I H R teen thousand six. hundred and fifteen dollars. mes . elfe. . For compensation to James H. Relfe, for his services as messenger, in conveying the iinal report of the commissioners for the adjustment LL C,l_w_ of private land claims, five hundred dollars. Lwrence. For the payment of claims of Lieutenant Colonel W. Lawrence and