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563 TWENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess.II. Ch.274. 1842. Circuit judge the eighth judicial circuit of the United States be, and he is hereby, {***1***** 8*h,°"· authorized to examine and review the allowances made by the marshal

 of the United States for the District of Kentucky, to his assistants, for

allowances taking the sixth census or enumeration of the inhabitants of the _United m¤<l° l>Y.*h<> States within said district; and that the appropriate officers of the §°::,i::j,j,°:0 his United States account to and pay the said assistants so much of the said assistants, for allowances as shall be approved by said judge: Provided, That no ‘°kl“S ‘h° Sixth allowances to be made by the said circuit judge, by virtue of the pro- °B};`1§,,,_ visions of this act, to any assistant marshal, shall exceed the allowances which the district judge of the District of Kentucky might have made, under the provisions of the census laws, or the allowances which the marshal of the District of Kentucky proposed to make, subject to the revision and approbation of the said district judge. Approved, August 30, 1842. Srnrurs II. -—-·— Aug. 31, 1842. CHAP. CCLXXIV.—-An Act [to] establish certain post roads. Be it enacted by the Senate and House ry' Representatives of the United ,£‘{;ih;‘:,“?s *9* States of America in Congress assembled, That the following be established as post roads, viz: Maine. In Blaine.-From Milford, in the county of Penobscot, to Winslow’s mills, in Greenfield, and county of Hancock. From Machias, by Crawford, to Alexander. From Houlton, in the county of Aroostook, to Fort Fairfield, in the plantation of Presqu’isle. From Dennysville, in the county of Washington, by way of Edmunds, to Whiting. From Sedgwick to Swan’s Island Plantations. From Standish, in the county of Cumberland, to Saco, in the county of York. From Lovel to Usher. From Fish’s mills, by the town of Massardis, in the county of' Aroostook, to the mouth of Fish river. From Bowdoinham Village to Bowdoin Centre. From Bath, by way of Merrymeeting Bridge and Richmond Village, to Gardiner. new Hemp- In New Hampshire.—From Gilsum, via South Marlow, North Mar- 'l“'°· low, and Lempster, to Goshen. From Manchester, via Candia Township, to Candia. From Manchester, via Bedford Centre, to Amherst. From Northfield, via. Franklin, Andover, Wilmut, New London and Wendell, to Newport. From Farmington, via New Durham Corner, to Alton. From Haverhill, New Hampshire, via Benton, to Franconia. M,,,,,chu,m,_ In Massac/tusetts.—From Framingham, through Concord, to Lowell. From South Framingham to Holliston. From Westport to Westport Point. From West Brookfield, North Brookfield, New Braintree, Barre, and Templeton, to Wincheridexi. From Lee, Tyringham, South Tyringham, Hartsville, Mill river, through East Shelheld, to Canaan, Connecticut.. Rhoda Island. In R/Lode Island.-—From Providence to West Brookfield, Massachusetts. From Providence through Fruit Hill, to Centreville. Vermont. In Vermont.-—From Townsend, through Grafton, to Chester. From Rochester through Brandon, to Sholes’s Landing, on Lake Champlain. From East Charleston, through Morgan and Holland, to Derby. From Bellows Falls to Paper Mill Village, in Alstead. From Hyde Park, Lamoille court-house, through North Hyde Park, Belvidere, Four Corners, Avery’s Gore, and Montgomery, to East Berkshire. The route from Waterville, through Belvidere and Avery's Gore, is hereby discontinued. New York. In New Yerk.——1·‘rom Dnrhamville, along the line of the Erie Canal, to the intersection of the Erie and OneidaLake canals, in Oneida county. From Unionville, in Orange county, New York, to Deckertown, in Sussex county, New Jersey, by the Drowned Road, returning by the Clove Road. From Texas to Oswego, on the North Road, by Cheever’s Mills, in Oswego county. From Collins to Irwin, in Erie county. From Cassville to Babcock Hill, in the county of Oneida. From Westernville to Boonville, as near as may be on the route of the Black river