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572 TWENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 274. 1842. of Red river, via Richard’s, Miller’s, Vidalia, Water Proof Landing, and Lake St. Joseph, to New Carthage. From Greenwood to Vernon in Caddo. From New Orleans, to Madisonville and Covington to the parish of St. Tammany, via Lake Ponchartrain. Tsmissssa In Tennessee.-From J acksborough, Tennessee, via John L. Smith’s on the Straight Fork, and Thomas I. Wheeler’s Store, on Buffalo creek, to Monticello, Kentucky. From Cleveland, Tennessee, via Benton, Columbus, Springtown, Coker creek, and Turtleton, to Murphy, North Carolina. From Dyersburg, Tennessee, via George C. Boothe’s and Joseph Mitchel1’s, to Hale’s Point, on the bank of the Mississippi river. From Lancaster, by the house of Elisha New, to Smithville. From Clinton to Woodboiirne, via A. Moore’s and J. Bay- liss. From Rutledge to Newport, via Austiri’s ferry, Mossy creek and mouth of Chucky. From Troy, Tennessee, via Jos. A. Faulk’s, (his place being known by the name of Sylvan Retreat,) to Point Pleasant, Missouri, crossing the Mississippi river at or near said last mentioned point. From Greenville, Tennessee, to Newport, Cooke county, via Wood’s ferry and Parrottsville. From McMinnsville, Tennessee, to Smithville, Tennessee. Kentucky, In Kentucky-—From Harlan Court-house, via John Lewis’s residence on the Poor fork of the Cumberland river, and Brashear’s Salt Works, on the north fork of the Kentucky river, to Perry Court-house. From Breathitt Court-house to Manchester, in Clay county. From Shelbyville, via Floydsburg, to Brownsborough. From Munfordville, via Mammoth Cave, to Brownville. From the Three Forks, in Barren county, via Mammoth Cave, Grayson Springs, to Litchiield. From Hawesville, in Hancock county, to Lewisport. From Owensborough to Litchlield. From Nottsville to New Boston, in Daviess county. From Lock and Dam on Green river, at the mouth of Muddy river, via Lock and Dam at Rumsey, Lock and Dam at Spottsville, to the town of Henderson. From Owenborough to Spottsville. From Spottsville, Kentucky, via the mouth of Green river, to Evansville, Indiana. From the town of Henderson in Henderson county, Kentucky, by Harman’s Ferry, and by Wall’s store, in Daviess county, to the town of Rumsey, in Muhlenberg county, Kentucky. From Hopkinsville, Kentucky, via Lindsey’s Mill to Dover, Tennessee. From Jamestown, Kentucky, via Seventy-six, to Albany, Kentucky. From Hardensville, Kentucky, by Harrisonville, to Mount Eden. From Tay- lorsville, by McGee’s Mill, to Jeliersontown, in Jefferson county. Ohio. In O/Lia.-From New Bremen, via Chickasaw, Mercer county, to Recovery, in Dark county. From Findley, in Hancock county, via Gilboa and Ottoway, to Defiance, in Williams county. From St. Mary’s, via Celina, Montpelier, and Alexander, to Blufton, Indiana. From Dayton, via Chambersburg, Vandalia, and Fredericktown, to Troy. From Vanwert to Shane’s Crossing. From Charloe, via Wiestburg, Uniontown Centre, to Bryan. From Adelphi, Ross county, via Perry, to Logan. From Zanesville, via Baxter’s, Bealmer’s Cross Roads, to Frazeysburg. From Zanesville, via Salt Creek, to Cumberland, thence return to Salt Creek and Zanesville, via Calhoun’s Mills. From Lafayette, via Camden, to Hillsdale, in Michigan. Froin Providence, via Delta, Pareper’s Corner, Lyon’s, and Baker, to Adrian, in Michigan. From Hillsborough, via Allensburg, to Fayetteville. From Delaware, via Kilbourne Post Office, Newman’s Cross Roads, Bloomfield Post Office, to Liberty, in Knox county. From Athens, in Athens county, by way of William Lowey’s, to Adelphi, in Ross county. From Bartlett, in Washington county, by Hosea A.lderman’s, in Athens county, Absalom Joy’s, in Morgan county, to Hansby’s Cross Roads, in Perry county. From Marion, in Marion county, via Holmesville, in Bowling Green township, to Richwood, in Union county. From Delaware, via Richwood, Willcins and Mill Creek, to East Liberty in Logan