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TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess.1. Ch. 59. 1836. 25 others, being part of an appropriation made by the act of the fifth of 1815 ch 23 March, one thousand eight hundred and sixteen, for these objects, carried I · l to the surplus fund on the thirty-first of December, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-six, reappropriated on the twentieth of March, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-eight, and again carried to the surplus fund on the thirty—iirst of December, one thousand eight hundred and thirty, three hundred and forty-seven dollars and sixty-seven cents. For the expense of medals and swords for Colonel Croghan and others, Msdsl fvf five thousand one hundred dollars. gah c'°€l‘°“¤ For the expense of bringing to the seat of Government the votes for Biingin votes President and Vice President of the United States, eight thousand ¤f P¥¢¤i<E¤¤¢i¤i dollars_ election. d For the survey of the coast of the United States, eighty thousand Coastsurvey. o lars. For the Governor, judges, secretary, district attorney, and marshal, Governor, and contingent expenses, of the Wisconsin Territory, nine thousand, *P°·°fWl’°°¤‘ nine hundred dollars. mn T°mt°rY‘ Compensation and mileage of the members of the Legislative Council, and to defray the expenses of the Legislative Assembly, the printing of the laws, and other incidental expenses of said Territory, nine thousand four hundred dollars. For the public buildings and library of said Territory, twenty-tive thousand dollars. For enlarging and repairing the custom·house, and purchasing addi- Customtional land therefor, at Bath, in the State of Maine, five thousand five &’;"°· Bm hundred dollars. ' For repairs of public buildings at Staten Island, four thousand five hundred dollars. For defraying the expenses of a survey of lots in the town of Galena, Survey M Illinois, to be made by the Surveyor General of Missouri and Illinois, G‘l°““· under an act of Congress, approved the fifthday of February, one thou- 1829, ch.15. sand eight nundred and twenty-nine, one thousand [dollars]. For a custom-house in Boston, in addition to a former appropriation, Cuswmtwo hundred thousand dollars. house, Boston. Foi a mrirble bust of the late Chief Justice Marshall, five hundred B¤¤*°Y CJ- dollars. M"°hau' For payment for preparing, printing, and binding the documents P<}<>¤¤;¤¤¤¤ ordered to be printed by Gales &. Seaton under the same restrictions lglalfggésgamm and reservations as were contained in the appropriation for the same object in the act of May the fifth eighteen hundred and thirty-two, iitl 1832,ch. 74. teen thousand six hundred and six dollars; and the eight volumes of the second series of the said publication shall be distributed in the same manner as were the volumes of the first series by the joint resolution Vo1.4. p.606. of the tenth of July, eighteen hundred and thirty-two. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duties of the Sl¤*¤m°¤3**° Secretaries of State, of the Treasury, of the War and Navy Depart- gifgxfigg ments, and of the Postmaster General, and the Secretary of the Senate, Executive Dsand Clerk of the House of Representatives, to lay before Congress, in P=¤¤¤¤*¤· M- lieu of the statement now required by law, during the first week in each annual session of Congress, a statement of the expenditures made by them respectively from the contingent funds of their respective departments and offices; that of the Secretary of State to include all the contingent expenses of foreign intercourse, and of all the missions abroad except such expenditures as are settled upon the certificate of the President; said statements to be abstracts of the accounts with the names of all persons to whom payments have been made and the amount paid to each. Approved, May 9, 1836. Vox., V.-4 C