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TWENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch.274. 1842, 575 ship of Brownstown, to the village of Gibraltar. From Lapier to Grand Blanc, by Langdon and Mount Pleasant. From Mason, in Ingham county, to Jackson, in Jackson county. From Grand Rapides, county of Kemp, by Allan's corners, Lake Alone, Barnes’s mill, and Green Plains, to Kalamazoo. In I/Wskonsanr-From Patch Grove, in Grant county, to Blue river. Wisconsin. From Fort Winnebago, via Grand Rapides, to Plover Portage. From Delavan, by Darien, to Beloit. From Fort Atkinson, by Cold Sming and White Water, to Elkhorn. From Summit, in Milwaukie county, via Piperville and Watertown, to Washara, (or Fox Lake.) From Southport, via Aurora post office, to Burlington. From Madison, by Monroe, to Freeport, Illinois. From Milwaukie, via Muskeego, Rochester, and Burlington, to Geneva. In Iowa.-From Dubuque to the county seat of Delaware county. Iowa. From Dubuque, via the county seat of Jones county and Rochester, (on the Red Cedar,) to West Liberty. From Dubuque, via Richfield, Point Pleasant, and Davenport, to Stephenson, Illinois. From Davenport, via Centreville and Moscow, to Rochester, (on the Red Cedar.) From Fort Madison, via West Point and Tuscarora, to Bentonport. From New Boston, Illinois, via Black Hawk and Wappello, to Mount Pleasant. From Fort Madison to Carthage. From Bloomington, via Cedarville and West Liberty, to Napoleon. From Wapsepinicon to Bellevue, to be changed so as to run from Wapsepinicon, via Camanche, New York, Lyons, and Charleston, to Bellevue. From Burlington, via Ellison’s creek, St. Augustine, and Middle Grove, to Peoria. From Van Buren, Iowa Territory, via Fairfield court-house and Washington courthouse, to Iowa city. From Wappello,viaCattesse and Sissinamo, to N a- poleon. From Burlington, via Dodgeville, Virginia Grove, Hope Farm, Columbus city, Port Allen, to Iowa city. From Iowa city, via Richmond, Washington, Brighton, Pleasant Grove, Fairfield, and Kesauqua, Iowa Territory, to Waterloo, Missouri. From Davenport, via Joseph Denson’s, in Cedar county, Seely’s mills, and Paumacho, to Marion. From Savannah, Illinois, via Charleston, Goodenoe’s mills, Burriston’s Settlement, Edinburgh, Tipton, and Washington ferry, to Iowa city. From Keokuck, via Ambrosia, Franklin, West Point, McCarverstow.n, Mount Pleasant, Trenton, and Washington, to Iowa city. From Keosauqua, on the county road, via Ely’s Ford, to B. F. Wilson’s, in Van Buren county. From Keosauqua, via Washington and Salem, in Henry county, to Mount Pleasant. From Iowa city, via Westport, Marion, _ and the county seat of Delaware county, to Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin Territory. From Marion to Pleasantville. From Fort Madison, via West Point and Salem, to Fairfield. From Fort Madison, via Franklin, to Farmington. From Prairie La Porte, Iowa Territory, to Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin Territory, via Montholon, in Clayton county, Iowa Territory. From Farmington, Bonaparte, Van Buren, Pittsburg, Philadelphia, Portland, and Iowavillo, to the United States Indian Agency, on the Desmoines river. Sec.2. And be it further enacted, That the above routes shall go Tpgointoopointo operation on the first day of July, eighteen hundred and forty-three, T¤¤°¤r Winnor sooner, should the funds of the Department justify the same: Pro- Provxsm vided, That as soon as a responsible contractor shall offer to transport the mails over any portion of the above routes for the revenue derived from the new offices to be established thereon, until the first day of July, eighteen hundred and forty-three, the Postmaster General shall forthwith put them into operation. ‘ Ar-rnovnn, August 31, 1842.