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582 TWENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch.2B8. 1842. according to the original intention of that law, and that no certiiicate for any loan shall be issued for a less sum than one hundred dollars. Approved, August 31, 1842. Snrurs II. C A . CCLXXXVIII.—-A A t making apprqoriations for certain

 Ibfptbe United States, for tile Jewr one thousand eight hwndrcd and forty-tw;.

so e e. _ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in. Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and the same are hereby, appropriated, to be paid out of any unappropriated money in the Treasury, for the preservation, repairs, and construction of certain fortifications, in the year eighteen hundred and forty-two, viz.: Fort Preble. For repairs at Fort Preble, Portland, Maine, one thousand dollars. FortScammeL For repairs of Fort Scammel, Portland, Maine, five thousand dollars. Fo¥¤M¢C1¤YY· For repairs of Fort McClary, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, five thousand dollars. _Fort Constitu- For repairs of Fort Constitution, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, live mm' _ thousand dollars. Deer 1¤la¤d· For repairs of sea-wall on Deer Island, Boston harbor, two thousand dollars. FortIndepend· For repairs of Fort Independence and sea-wall at Castle Island, bal- °2)°;,18 ,Sl,md_ grgggrgf the original estimated cost of this work, being thirty thousand Fort Warren. For Fort Warren, Boston harbor, thirty-three thousand dollars. Ft. Griswold. For repairs of old Fort Griswold, New London harbor, Connecticut, _ five thousand dollars. Fort Nragam. For completing the repairs of Fort Niagara, at the mouth of Niagara river, New York, and erecting and repairing the necessary buildings therein, five thousand dollars. Fort Ontario. For completing the repairs of Fort Ontario, at Oswego, New York, and erecting the necessary buildings therein, six thousand dollars. Fm S°h“§’l°l’· For Fort Schuyler, New York harbor, twenty thousand dollars. ,iSn*§g‘l° Wd' For completing Castle Williams, New York harbor, five thousand ‘ dollars. S°“*b b***€*Y• For completing South Battery, New York harbor, two thousand dollars. Ft. Columbus. For completing Fort Columbus, New York harbor, two thousand dollars.

Vl·,H¢=LN¤w For permanent wharves for Fort Columbus, Castle Williams, and

or at °r` South Battery, Governor’s Island, New York harbor, and to complete _ the work according to the original estimates, eight thousand dollars. F°'*H°m’“°”· I For repairs at Fort Hamilton, New York harbor, five thousand dol- 31'S. F°"L“f“y"""• For repairs and for correcting defective construction of Fort Lafay- ette, New York harbor, twelve thousand dollars. Fort lvlorrroe. For Fort Monroe, Old Point Comfort, Virginia, thirty-five thousand dollars. Fort Macon. {for repairs of Fort Macon, Beaufort, North Carolina, five thousand dollars. For preservation of the site of the same, seven thousand dollars. Fort Sumter. For Fort Sumter, Charleston harbor, South Carolina, towards completing the same, agreeably to the original estimates, nity thousand dollars. Ff·Li‘·*i¤gS¢<>¤· For Fort Livingston, Barrataria. bay, Louisiana, ten thousand dollars. Fm T°j”S<>¤· For carrying on the work at Fort Towson, ten thousand dollars. Fw S'¤"h· For carrying on the work at Fort Smith, ten thousand dollars. Approved, August 31, 1842.