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624 TWENT 1-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 90,9]. 1843. Sruurs III. . .— r idin the means ulurc intm· ciwccn he United ——-——-Ivlurcll 3° 1843. CHAP XC Ana“Pé2l1;1les,€ndthe Gvvgfnlncnt of China. Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the $-10,000 placed United States of America in Congress assembled, That the sum of ¤¤*'•8 <llSPj?3¤l forty thousand dollars be, and the same is hcrchy, appropriated and Zfrlzglggngluggl placed at the disposal of the President of the United States, to eneble commercial re? him to establish the future commercial relations between the Unmed lQ**s>¤S Wh States and the Chinese empire on terms of national equal reciprocity; lfllfgé aC0mm_ the said sum to be accounted for by the President, in the manner preed for. how. scribed by the act of first of July, one thousand seven hundred and flu Ul ·lj*lY L ninety, entitled "An act providing the means of intercourse between 1é2`{ér';,hbf$;8 the United States and foreign nations :" Proé>id<·cé, That the annual agent. com ensation to an one erson em loye un ert is act s :1 not ex-

 ceedp the sum of nihe thdhsand dolliirs exclusive of cnt2t: And irra-

I_°W*° be ¤P· vided urtlzcr That no a ent shall be sent b virtue 0 this act un ess p°"“°d' he shzihl have heen appoinged by and with theyadvice and consent of the Senate. Ammovnn, March 3, 1843. STATUTE III. ————— March 3, 1843. Cmm. XQI:-An Act pruvidiréfw the sale tf certein lands in the Slam of Ohio

  • B and Jtlzchzgan, ceded by the yandot {nbc of Imlums, and for other purposes.

i Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United 1·¤¤<i in Ohio. States of America in Cbngress assembled, That all that tract of land

   in the State of Ohio, to which the Indian title was extinguished by a,

mh Mm}, treaty with the Wyundot tribe of Indians, concluded at Upper Sandusky, 1842. ¤}t¤qh¤d March seventeenth, eighteen hundred and forty-two, shall be attached

3l;l'?"$°": d to, and made at part ol`, the consolidated land district in which it is situ-

L;,d itil::"; ated; and that the land office for the said district shall be removed from be removedtu Lima to the town of Upper Sandusky, within the tract aforesaid, as

 bm" soon as, in the judgment of the President of the United States, such

' remova shal be ro er. pm of me Sec. 2. And bg itlifurther enacted, That a portion of the tract aforelund tu be lqnid said, including the town of Upper Sandusky, shall, under the direction °mv”"dJ"ld“°’ of the surveyor general, be luid 0H` into town lots, streets, and avenues, sm Weand into out lots, in such manner and of such dimensions as he may judge proper: Provided, That the land so laid of shall not exceed in quantity six hundred and forty acres, nor the town lots a quarter of an acre each, nor the out lots exceed the quantity of two acres each; and the residue of the lands in the tract shall be surveyed as other public lands, in connection with the adjacent previous surveys. Au the lands, Srcc. 3. And be itfurtltcr enacted, That all the public l:md in said

§?§§l·§ ¢2l‘igH tigtct, with the exception of the section numbered sixteen, {n each t?w£1—
  • ,‘_*·*¤*··*·· TO€§"£J2‘£L}25if$l5$“§l2viZ¥0E.”s“.;?“‘2E2r2EZ-L`§E’.EZ“i"`t‘3E¤$§f%$’tiL£“stZ»iZ5

main for the purposes therein expressed, shall, so soon as the surveys and plats of the smne be returned to the general and district land offices, be offered at public sale, at Upper Sandusky, under the superintendence of the register of the land office and the receiver of public moneys for the district, at such time as shall be designated by proclamation of the President of the United States; the sales to remain open for two weeks, and no longer, and the lands not to be sold at public Sale nor bg gubject to private entry thereafter for a price less than two 0 ars an ty cents er acre. elxlyillgoiiillo Sec. 4. And be it gurther enacted, That the town lots and out lots

  • 53}:::8%;* directed by this act to be laid off shall, with the exception of four town

to be Oggmd gg lots, to be selected by the superintendents of the sale, for the use of and public sale. to be vested in the town when it shall become corporate, and also of the