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626 TWENTY—SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess.HI. Ch. 93, 94. 1843. S·ru·¤·r·z III. Much 3, 1843 CHAP. XCIII.—-tln Aol aumfgzg of efgztggggoztagtnd survey nf the harbor ef lOb‘°1"°°‘] Be it enacted b the Senate and House 0 Rc resentatives 0 the . . . V . . P Bxamrnarm United States of America m Congress assembled, That the Secretary of

"::v‘j'::{g‘;‘h the Navy be, and he is hereby, authorized to cause to be made an excs¤.i,i;,hmem amination and survey of the harbor of Memphis, in the State of Ten-

. ¤£¤¤¤V¤ld¤P0¢· ncssec, in reference to the expediency of estrtblishing a naval depot and yard for the building and repairing steam ships and other vessels of war at that place, and that he report to Congress the result of such exami- A1jP¤’°Pfi¤ll<>¤ nation and survey; and that the sum of three thousand dollars bc, and °h°‘€r°" the same is hereb :1 ro riated out of an mone s in the Treasur _ Y» PP P » Y .Y_ _ Y unapproprmted, to defray the expenses of such cxammatron and survey. At-Pnovsn, March 3, 1843. Sururs III. ········ March 3, 1843. Crux-. XCIV. — An Act to modify the act entitled “An acl to provide for line bd- W ter security of the lives nf passengers an board of vessels propelled in whole or 1833 6h_ ?9{_7' in part by steam," approved July seventh, eighteen hundred and lhirly-eight. 1852*°h‘ 1°6‘ Be it enacted b I ` y ne Senate and Hcrrsc of Representatzves of the p;f§3°;*;¥;‘;m United States of America in Congress assembled, That every boat or w be pruyided vessel which existing laws require to be registered, and which is prowirhpdditional pelled in whole or in part by steam, shall be provided with such adf;'_i;"‘¥ ”l’p“‘ ditional apparatus or means as, in the opinion of the inspector of steam- ' boats, shall be requisite to steer the boat or vessel, to be located in such part of the boat or vessel as the inspector may deem best to enable the oillccrs and crew to steer and control the boat or vessel, in case the pilot or man at the wheel is driven from the same by fire; and no boat or vessel, exclusively propelled by steam, shall be registered, alter the passa c of this act unless the owner, master or other ro er erson shall ) iilg`hh ll h fh hp'Ihpfh` e wrt the co ector or other proper 0 cert e cert: cate 0 the m- spector, stating that suitable means have been provided to steer the boat or vessel, in case the pilot or man at the wheel is driven therefrom by [irc. Yessels pro- Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful in all `"ded `”"h 'h° vessels or boats ro mcllcd in whole or in art b steam and which shall BPPHTSIIIS YS- . . p I . . p y ’ quired by ,;,8 be provided with addmonal apparatus or means to steer the same, as limsection, required by the first section of this act, to use wheel or tiller ropes,

 :§;;°‘§L¥; composed of hemp or other good and suflioient material, around the

’barrel or axle of the wheel and to a distance not exceedinrr twcnt -two f tl f dl " t' lt'! ddo y‘h ect xero rom an a so rn connec mv tre rl er or ru er yoke wrt p,0,,;s0_ iron rods or chains used for workingbthe rudder: Provided, That no more rope for this purpose shall be used than is sunicient to extend from the connecting points of the tiller or rudder yoke placed in any working position beyond the nearest blocks or rollers, and give sufli- Fmim pm. cient play to work the ropes on such blocks or rollers: And provided, visa. further, That there shall be chains extending the whole distance of the ropes, so connected with the tiller or rudder yoke, and attached or astened to the tiller or rudder yoke and the iron chains or rods extending towards the wheel, in such ,mzmner as will take immediate clfogt, aérd work the rudder in case the ropes are burnt or otherwise ren e lc . P1;`;§;‘¤H;5i"§;s°l“ 3.u?15n5SZw it further enacted, That the master and owner, and mms and Erm, ill others interested in vessels navigating Lakes Champlain, Ontario, son'; propeller, rie, Huron, Superior, and Michigmr, or any of them, and which _ (a) An act to establish u nz1vy·yurd and depot at or udjmcent to the city of Memphis, on the Mississippi nver, in the State of Tennesscc; J unc 15, 1844, chap. 52. ' A resolugon) toisusgend u part of the third section of the joint resolution of11th Sept. 1841, relating to nrmemea; e . . ..