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TWENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess.IH. (311.100. 1843. 641 For the payment of balances to officers of old internal revenue and Officers of old dg,-Bc; mx, being part of the amount carried to the surplus fund thirty- i¤¤¤m¤!r¤v¢¤¤¤ first December, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, three thousand six md d"°°‘""· hundred and sixty-one dollars and ninety cents. For payment to Joseph Russ and Stephen J. Roach, in full for labor J. Russ and bestowed, any money expended in repairing or constructing a mad S· ·l· Rmbleading from Pensacola to Tallahassee in Florida, in pursuance of a settlement of their account under the act approved seventeenth February, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six, entitled "An act for 1836·,ch.23. the relief of Joseph Russ and Stephen J. Roach," two thousand do1· lzxrs. For lighting Pennsylvania avenue, one hundred and fifty dollars. LightingPenn· For the compensation of the captain and watchmen for the city of °Yl'°¤l¤ “°· Washington, six thousand seven hundred dollars. nfgy watch For contingent expenses for fuel and light for said watch, three hun- ` dred dollars. For payment of the books ordered by the resolution of the House of Books ordered Representatives adopted on the eighth of August, one thousand eight bYH°“°°.°f R°· hundred and forty-two, forty-seven thousand one hundred and sixty-two Pr°S°m°uv°°' dollars and seventy-six cents. For expenses incurred prior to January first, one thousand eight hun- dE’F’°““°° ““t dred and forty-three, for clerk-hire, wages of porter, and stationery, of d:;i;°t°:;g§; the commissioners under the act of July seven, one thousand eight hun- desemyed by dred and thirty-eight, "t0 remit duties on certain goods destroyed by 62*} f J I 7 fire," one thousand three hundred and thirty-seven dollars and ninety- 183(§,?,h_fi-,·.¥_ ’ nine cents. For the balance due to the late commercial agent at St. Christophefs pm commerfor disbursements for the relief and protection of distressed American 3';;’{g“L°',f*· seamen, five thousand eight hundred and sixty-six dollars and eight S P er ` cents. To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to procure the necessary Sugar manual manual for the several cust0m·houses, together with the necessary in- f3dI§gP::::;"¤_ struments and apparatus, to ascertain the relative quantity of saccharine houses_ matter in the different kinds of sugar, agtecably to the resolution of the House of Representatives adopted on the twenty-first of July, one thousand eight hundred and forty-two, six thousand two hundred dol- Iars. For the balance due on the second volume of the Documentary His· lyocumemary tory of the American Revolution, six thousand eight hundred and twenty- H*°*°’Y· six dollars. For the third volume of the Documentary History of the American Revolution, twenty-seven thousand six hundred and iiiiy dollars: Provided, That the whole work, when completed, shall not exceed twenty volumes, and that the whole cost of the entire work shall not exceed twenty thousand four hundred dollars per volume: Provided, also, That the materials which shall compose each successive volume shall, before any appropriation ié hereafter made for the cost of the same, be pubmitted to, and approved by, the Secretary of State for the time being: And provided, also, That the parties who stipulated, by articles of agreement dated the nineteenth day of March, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-three, to publish the “Documentary History of the Jimencan Revolution," shall, within ten days from the passage of this act, deliver to the Secretary of State a written agreement, to be bx him accepted and approved, adopting as part of the said original artxcles the restrictions and limitations in these provisoes containe , end xnnking the same legally binding and operative, as portions of the said original amclcs, in all respects as if they had been in terms incorporated into the same- , Indexing docu- For completing the indexing of the public documents connected with mmm. - Von., V.-—-S1 3 D 2