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642 TWENTY·SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sa s. III. Ch. 100. 1843. the office of the First Comptroller and the office of the Secretary of the Treasury, eight hundred dollars. i _ o Negotiating For paying balance of expenses, m full, for negotiating the loans aul0¤¤¤· thorized by the acts of twenty-first July, eighteen hundred and forty- 1841, ch, 3, one, and fifteenth April, eighteen hundred and forty-two, ten thousand 1842, eh. 26. dollars. gui: 053% Patent iQjif.—-Forfthlp rprrchasgéof suchbscienginctbciotlpp as are 00 · necessary or the use o the atent ce, to e pai ou 0 e patent fund, one thousand two hundred dollars. A murmur For the collection of a ricultural statistics, and for other agricultural g E ¤i¤¤¤¢i0¤· purposes, to be paid out of the patent fund, two thousand dollars. I Botanical and 'Io defray the expenses of taking care of and preserving the botanih<>¤i¢¤l*¤*¤l cal and horticultural specimens brought home by the squadron of the gggglgifoing Exploring Expedition under the direction and control of the Joint Comby exploring mittee on the Library, twelve hundred dollars. _ _ ¤XP°d“¤°¤· For the removal of the statue of Washington, from its present posiv§;’m‘;’,é’,€,,,_ tion, and permanently placing the same on a proper pedestal, artld covering it temporarily in the enclosed and cultivated public groun s east of the Capitol, directly in front of the main entrance and steps of the east front of the Capitol, as suggested in the Ngeport of thi Jgrntdtlépmmittee on the Library and in the letter of r. Greenoug ate ebruary third, one thoudand eight hundred and forty-three, referred to and reported by said committee in connection with the memorial of Horatio Greenough, under the direction and supervision of the said Greenough, the sum of five thousand dollars. Lighphgugg _Light-House Establishment.-For supplying the light-houses, con- ¤§¤l>l¤§h\¤0¤¤· taining two thousand six hundred and seventy-eight lamps, with oil, "pPl‘°°‘ tube-glasses, wicks, buifskins, whiting, and cotton cloth, transportation, and keeping apparatus in order one hundred and five thousand one hundred and ninety dollars and ihirty cents. _ _ Chumbm. or To reimburse the Chamber of Commerce at Philadelphia, the ex-

of pense incurred by them in continuing the light on the breakwater near

l ° ° P ¤· Cape Henlopen, a sum not exceeding eight hundred dollars. _ R,,p,,;,.S_ _ For repairs, refiftmg, and improvements of light-houses, and buildings connected therewith, ninety-nine thousand eight hundred and seventy-one dollars and forty-two cents. _ C°m,,e,,,,,,,,,,,,_ For compensation of two hundred and thirty-six keepers of lighthouses, eighteen of them being charged with double lights, and one with three, ninety-three thousand nine hundred and thirty-eight dollars. Fp,,,,,i,,g;;ght,_ Déorégpmpensation of thirty keepers of floating lights, sixteen thousan dollars. _ For_seamen's wages, repairs, and supplies of thirty Boating lights, sixt -six thousand four hundred and twent dollars and eight -four {S Y 8 Y cen . Buoys. &c_ For weighing, mooring, cleansing, repairing, and supplying the loss gf geacping,'l1uoys,lcLra1ns, apd imlfrers, twenty-four thousan six hunre an tnr een dollars an six y- our cen s. Black ROcl{_ d ger rebuilding the beacon at Black Rock, Connecticut, ten thousand o ars. Apnuulexnmi, hFpr}p;rpenses off explminingdagngally and reporting the condition of nation. the ig - ouses, our thousand dollars. Superintend- For superintendents commissions, at two and one half per cent., ten ¢Pl¤’ ¤0mmi¤- thousand two hundred and fifty dollars and eighty-five cents. Zpgigmac Smlilopipgipplgprggtgzglplf the repairs of the Potomac bridge, three thouri ge. S- .L““d °“""°Ys Surveys ¢y" Public Lands.-For completing the survey of private m Ahbamm land claims in Alabama and their connection with the adjacent public lands, at a rate not exededing eight dollars per mile, being in addition 1838, ch. 54. to the appropriation made for a similar object by the act of April sixth,