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644 TWENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. C1-r. 100. 1843. forty-three, in conformity to the act of second July, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, four million five hundred and forty-five thousand dollars, viz: Transports- For transportation of the mail, three million one hundred and ninety ¤l¤¤- five thousand dollars. Compensation. d For compensation of postmasters, nine hundred and twenty thousand ollars. Ship letters, For ship, steamboat, and way—letters, twenty-two thousand dollars. &·v€; . For wrapping paper, eighteen thousand dollars. Penmpping pa` For office furniture (for the offices of postmasters) seven thousand Oiiice furni- dollars.

    • 1;*3 . . For advertising, thirty-two thousand dollars. "

M,,HE{g;;g' For mail bags, eighteen thousand dollars. Blanks. For blanks, thirty thousand dollars. Mail locks. For mail locks, keys, and stamps, nine thousand dollars. Depredations, For mail depredations and special agents, twenty-eight thousand dolagb . lars: Provided, That no special or travelling Post Office agent shall I “S°` receive a higher compensation than one thousand two hundre and fifty dollars per annum, and in addition thereto, two dollars per day for his travelling expenses. For clerks for offices (for the offices of postmasters) two hundred and ten thousand dollars. Miscellaneous. For miscellaneous items, fifty-six thousand dollars: Provided, That P0wu_0,mms_ the President and the Postmaster General shall have the same power to {ming {ands_ transfer funds from one to another head of appropriation, of the foregoing appropriations, made for the service of the General Post Office, as the President and any other head of an Executive Department now have to transfer funds appropriated under one head to the service of another, in any other branch of the public service. Furnaces in For taking down the two old furnaces in the crypt under the rotundo, ilw Capiwl- and building two new ones, cutting out the necessary dues, and doing other work connected therewith, according to a proposition of John Skirving, under date of February first, eighteen hundred and forty-three, the sum of one thousand four hundred and fifty-four dollars. For constructing two furnaces under each end of the first story of the centre of the Capitol, for warming the rooms and passages upon and above said first story, including the Congress library room, according to the proposition of John Skirving to the chairman of the Committee on Public Buildings, seven thousand nine hundred and seventy-three dollars. C¤vi¢<>L For annual repairs of the Capitol, attending furnaces and water-closets, g"°““d’* &°' lamp-lighting, oil, laborers on the Capitol grounds, tools, keeping iron pipes and wooden fences in order, attending at the western gates, gardener’s salary, and top dressing for plants, for the eighteen months ending thirtieth June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-four, eleven thousand two hundred and thirty-one dollars and fifty cents. hPf¤¤id<->¤t'¤ d For annual repairs at the President’s house, gardene1·’s salary, laborers, &;_’,';“°·g’°“" °· tools, and top dressing for plants, for the eighteen months ending thirtieth June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-four, three thousand seven hundred and thirty-four dollars and twenty-five cents. TH¤£¢¤¤¤gy.P¤¤t For the amount due for work and materials on the Treasury building, O °°* °‘ on the General Post Office, and the bridge on Pennsylvania avenue, seven thousand and four dollars and forty-four cents. ’I`¤¤=¤¤¤fY· For iron-railing and gates on the lower terrace of the Treasury building, and tripods and lamps on the blocking in front of the portico, three thousand seven hundred dollars. P°¤* Om°°· For tripods with lamps, for the blocking in front of the General Post Office, two hundred dollars. I¤>¤ Dips- For repairing damage to iron pipes by freshet, seven hundred and thirty-three dollars and fifty-one cents