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654 TWENTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Un. 10,11. 1844. during the intervening time, was alisent out of the United States, or in such circumstances as prevented ham froimalknovaing of sucéhfselgure, and that he did not know of the same · an so t at_t e said or e1ture was incurred without wilful negligence or dny intention of fraud on the part of the owner or owners of such goods. _ _ _ If no applica- Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That if no applicatxon for such Wm Within °¤° restoration be made within one year, as herein before prescnbed, then, y€°r’ p?°°?8d° at the expiration of the said time, the Secretary of the Treasury shall llililsilhsml cause the proceeds of the sale of the sand goods, wares, or merchandise, to be distributed according tg lmpi as m thetcasehofdgoods, pvares, and merchandise, condemned an so pursuan to e ecree 0 a competent court. _ _ Fomm provi- Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That all provisions of any former sions of 1aw_in- law inconsistent with this act shall be, and the same are hereby, reclonsistem {Nath Pcaled t IS, repea c .. Approved, Apnl 2, 1844. Snrwz I. he Dis. · C .X.—-A At "n onco the 'udgesof thecircuito0ua·Ifort

 HAP   q;ggn‘;:nZ§a /:,cr{y"tzr {0 reside in Alexandria.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the In °a°° °f "'*· United States of America in Congress assembled, That whenever $Q;°g;;;?° °f hereafier a vacancy shall occur in the- circuit court of the District of judges, his sue- Columbia, by reason of the death, resignation, or removal, of any one 9e5B0i' to Fééldé of the judges new composing said circuit court, tl'16 VS10d0G)' S0 O003- m A1°x“dm' sioned shall be supplied by the appointment of some suitable person, whose duty it shall be to reside within tho town of Alexandria, in said Afterwards District of Columbia, during his continuance m office; and after the ?“° °f nm happening of such vacancy, as is herein before contemplated, oneof the f;":g§i:l;;:¥;_ judges of the said circuit court shall theuceforth always be required to Tho judges reside in the said town of Alexandria.: grwzded, lwweveriThattn0thing mn make an herein contained shall be so construe as to prevent, :1 any 1me, an “?5°l*““8; °f '°· exchange of residence between the judges of said court, should they

 ,0 think proper to make such exchangea so that some one of sa1d judges

that end. shall at all limes, alter che next appointment hereafter to be made of a judge of said court, reside m the sand town of Alexandria. Ammovnn, April 4, 1844. Srnnrn I. - Gnu. XI.-·An Act to repeal so much 0 the act approved Fha twenty-third gf

 dugusl, one thousand eight hundred and'/ijtorty-two, ns rcquzres the second •r?¤·

1€g°£hA‘;§é23¤ @1133 of dlragaoni to be éonvezfcil into Zrefgycnf { of ter thefourtk uy

  • ‘ • o m·a,onctws¢m eig wndu a ary- ree.a

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Repeal of so United States of America in Congress asaenibled, That so much of ‘"“"l‘ °f;g’ ““ the act entitled "An act respecting the organization of the army, and gglggisog dig: for other purposes," approved the twenty-third day of August, one thougoonsto be con- sand eight hundred and forty-two, as requires tlie second regiment of

’;fl$;‘;*gf"· dragoons to be converted into a regiment of ndemen after the foiurlgh

,;§em,,,,_ day of March, one thousand eight hundred and forty-three, be, an t c same is hereby repealed. _ Rggimgqgm Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the present regiment of bc ¤¢¤‘¤<>¤¤t¢d» rillemen, formerly the second regiment of dragoons, shall, as soon as it S"' can be edected after the passage of this act, be repnounted, and called the second regiment of dragoons, end shall m all tihmgs be governedlby the same organization and regulations-as are provided by the act raising 1833,¤h.»”16· the first regiment of dragoons, entitled *‘ An act for the more perfect defence of the front1er," approved the second day of March, one thou-

(ez) See notes to the acc of July 5, 1838, chap. 162.