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34 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch.85,86,87. 1836, That the accounts for these claims shall be examined and audited at the Treasury, as in other cases. Militia and Sm, 2. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of Wm- bg

h;g; authorized to cause the militia called out to defend East Florida, by

ed, mgm paid? Generals Clinch and Hernandez, or by the Governor in Middle and West Florida, and such other militia and volunteers as have been received and mustered into the service of the United States and regu. lar} dischar ed, to be aid in like manner with the volunteers and Y S _P militia ordered into service under orders nom the War Department. Approved, May 28, 1836. Srnnrn I. -—-—· J¤¤¤ 7, 1836· Gun. LXXXV.-—.w2n Jet;) pruvgdijor the paywgzt of ccrlainpemionm in lhe tales 0 irginia and `o. A pension Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United ngergiylfcdbz States of America ju Congress assembled, That the Secretary of Wm- '{gfzggfing ” be, and he hereby IS, authorized and empowered to establish a. pension agency at the city of Wheeling in the State of Virginia, for the pay- ment of pensioners of the United States resident in the counties of Brooke, Ohio, Marshn11, Tyler, Wood, Lewis, Harrison, Randolph, greston, and Mdaongalm, m Vxrginia, and Belmont, Jefferson, Guernsey, Proviso. arrison, and ouroe in `the State of Ohio: Provided Th t th establishment of such,agency can be made and continused without; chgrge go the United States. mc. . And be it further enacted That the Secretar of the T sury be, and hereby is, authorized td make the necessarjgr arrangerdgdg for the payment of said pensioners. Sec. L3. And be it jiertlwr enacted, That this act shall talge 8H'00tf1'OIH aneigitsgdge da? qiéézugust, mghteen hundred and thuty-six. I 7 ’ DTATUTE I. ——-— Jung 7, ]836_ Gun. LXXXVI.—An Act to extend the western boundary of the State of Missouri ""’l`“‘ to the Missouri river. The western Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives o the g°::t'éd;;¥8;%;}h$ United States of America in Congress assembled, T hat when the I{dian Actgf March t1tle to all the lands lying between the State of Missouri and the Misgég830,ch.¤, soun nver shall be extinguished, ghe jurisdiction over said lands shall S;e‘Pmch be hereby ceded to the State of Mxssouri, and the western boundary of mmion, Appm. sand State shall be then extended to the Missouri river, reserving to the dm No. 1. United States the original right of soil in said lands, and of disposing P i of tne same: Provided, That this act shall not take effect until the °‘ President shall by proclamation, declare that the Indian title to said lands hes been extinguished; nor shall it take effect until the State of Mgsoun shall émve gssegggi to the provisions of this act. Prnovnn, une , . . STATUTE I. i June 7, 1836. CHAP. LXXXVII.·——./Bn Act to int; gm 11 convention between the United 1837, ch_ 37. d CS dh pain. .A°°'“mi¤· Be it enacted by the Senate and H ' S _ ,_ , ause 0 Re resentat th rmnggd sjgfitw United Statcs of America m Congress assemblejd, Tlgt the Pdggdgit oi? be appointed, the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate ' u n I shall appomt one cornm1ssioner, whose duty it shall be to receive and exansne :115 claims whncn may be presented to him under the convention sr e ic-:t ement. of claims between the United States of America, and er at olac Majesty the Queen of Spain, concluded at Madrid on the ieientegnm day of February, one thoueand eight hundred and thirty- , w 1C are provxded for by the sand convention, according to the