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TWENTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch.63,64,65. 1844. 669 guy, LXHI.-./2n det trmsferring the execution of a cmain actfrom me Sem. JSTHUTE I- mry of the Treasury to the Secretary of Wa¢·, Be it enacted by the Senate and House <y" Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the act entitled “An Accomga 23 act to authorize the transfer of the names of pensioners from theamn- 1844, ch. lg. ui cies in the State of Kentucky, to the agency in Cincinnati, in the §am bg °é‘°°“‘*" bY of Ohio," and approved May twenty-third, eighteen hundred and forty- Lfewggicmy four, shall be executed by the Secretary of War, instead of the Secretary of the Treasury. Avmovno, June 15, 1844. Suruiz I. CuAi·. LXIV.j.f1n Aot making appropriatiom for certain objects of expenditure J uns 15, 1844. iherezn named m the year ending June thirty, eighteen hundred and fortyfour. T Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the so em'] Zhzited States of America in Congress assembled, That the following Appropriasums of money be, and the same are hereby app1·0priuted,t0 be paid out “°““· of any money in the treasury for the respective objects of expenditure herein specified, being principally for arrearages or deficiencies arising in consequence of expenses improperly incurred beyond the amounts appropriated for the year ending the thirtieth of J uno, eighteen hundred and forty-four, or for objects not authorized by law: For the pay of superintendents, naval constructors and all the civil gup,,,;mmd_ establishments of the several yards, twelve thousand dollars; ems. &c. For the increase, repair, armament and equipment of the navy, includ- 0}‘;f;';”°¤ &°· ing steamers on the lakes, and wear and tear of vessels in commission, °vy' one hundred and thirty-eight thousand five hundred dollars and sixty- two cents; For contingencies enumerated, one hundred and fifty thousand dol- Cvmingcncics I Us ; enumerated. For contingencies not enumerated, one thousand five hundred dollars; Contingencies For the building of an iron steamer at Pittsburg, Bennsylvania, on ¤%‘*?£¥m°¥¤*¤<'· - Lieutenant H1mter’s plan, and now in progress of construction there, m::nQ:g”°" one hundred thousand dollars; For the purchase of clothing, including transportation and every other Clothing, Sec. expense, to be reimbursed out of the sales of the clothing, one hundred and thirty thousand dollars. Anmovxzn, June 15, 1844. ·i····‘ Sruvm I. CHAP. LXV.—An Act to establish certain post roads in the Territory of Florida. Jung 15, ;344_ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following be estab- }L<a§g1‘%¤#¤ 65- lished as post roads in the Territory of Florida, to wit: ;,?l0:d: m From Alligator to Biounfs Ferry on the Suwannee river, From Pilatka to Enterprise on the St. J0hn’s river, Prom Pilatka. to Tampa, via Orange creek, Fort King, Warm Spring, Fort Dade and Fort Foster, From Watohahotie to Fort Dade, via Emathla, Fort Izard, Homossassa, Annutiliga, and Chocachattie, From St. Augustine to Miami river and Key West, via New Smyrna and St. Lucie, From Enterprise to New Smyrna, From N ewmansville, via Cassinville, to Cedar Key. Approved, June 15, 1844.