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y 7 \ TWEN FY-EIGH1 H CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 97,98. 1844. 677 any other terms of such circuit court, whenever, in his opinion, the public interest or special exigencies may require it. Armovmv, June 17, 1844. Survu I. CHAP, XCVH.—-·d7!· J6! 7'¢$]}€€H7Tg UN? 7l»0T”l·87‘7l bwnddfy of Me Stain qf,JHs- june1y' 1844_ SOIL']'!. —-——i-.. Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That there shall be Commissionappointed by the Governor of Iowa Territory, by and with the advice °'€ ‘° b° °P‘ and consent of the Council of said Territory, a commissioner, to act in m1,::;:;" conjunction with such commissioner as may be appointed by the State line betweeny of Missouri, and such third person, not a citizen of the State of Mis. hw'? °“d Mis' souri or Territory of Iowa, as may be designated by the two eommis- mm` sioners aforesaid; the duty of which said three persons it shall be, to ascertain,. survey, and mark out the northern boundary line of the State of Missouri, and to cause plats of the said line, when so ascertained, surveyed, and marked out, to be returned to the offices of the Secretary of State of the United States, of the State of Missouri, and of the Territory of Iowa, which plats shall be accompanied by reports of their proceedings in the premises. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That said three commissioners, or Commissiona majority of them, shall have authority to appoint a surveyor, and en- °"“ '° *PP°"“ * gage the necessary assistants and laborers, to enable them to ascertain, s“"°y°r' survey, and mark the said line; and the compensation of said commis- _ sioners, and of the surveyor employed by them, shall be at the rate of eight dollars per day, for so many days as they may necessarily be employed about the business aforesaid; and the laborers and assistants shall _Cpmdp¤nmion bc paid such compensation us may be agreed upon between each of l“““° · them and the commissioners, or a majority of them, not to exceed two dollars per day. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the report, as aforesaid, of _1{eport of maany two of said commissioners, shall be final and conclusive, and the J°F“Y °f°°’§‘ line so ascertained, surveyed, marked out and returned as aforesaid, by i,?,,,,?;,, any two of said commissioners, shall be the northern boundary line of xéy line, to be the State of Missouri. ****1* Sec. 4. And bait further enacted, That this act shall not gc into Act. whenw force until the Legislature of the State of Missouri shall have assented “‘k° °K°°°‘ to the same, and agreed to abide by the award of said commissioners, or any two of them, as final and conclusive; and the sum of four thou- Appropriation. sand dollars is hereby appropriated, out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to carry into effect the provisions of this act. Approved, June 17, 1844. ..._.. Snrun I. Cmm XC VIII. -- An Act to extend the charters of the Distric: Banks. ·l“¤° "· 1844- Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the d1g‘§;_31*1838· United States of America in Congress assembled, That all actions, snxts Aug_ e5, 184], and judgments in law or equity commenced and now pending or which ch. l2. & _ may hereafter be commenced by or against either of the banks of the wSi]‘;;f*(h0°B;2k District of Columbia whose charters expire on the fourth day of July is apmy, not Clglltéfill hundred and forty-four for the collection of any debt due or to absyehby rm; the recovery of any right belonging to said banks shall not abate or be :3;} of-ftsxp lf! any manner estopped by reason of the expiration of the chatter of lllé charger; and bank commencing the same, but may be prosecuted to final judgment ull proper? to and execution in the same manner as though said charter had continued fggigeg &‘;_ in existence, any law,usage, or cust0m,to the contrary notwithstanding; and all goods, chattcls, lands,tenements, and hcreditaments,se1zed on mesne process, attached, levied upon,set 0HQ or in any wgy assigned and . n