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67S TWENTY—EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess.1. Ch.99, 100. 1844. made over to said bank, or which would in any manner have become the property of said bank had the same continued m existence in any action,suit, judgment, or execution aforesaid or otherwise, shall enure to the trustee or trustees, assignee or assignees, receiver or receivers of said bank if any shall be appointed by the stockholders or otherwise. 'l`,¤;¤S*¢¤¤» &¤- Sec. 2.,And be it further enacted, That the trustee or trustees, as-

  • '·*··=ii·i§;·i’·?’i?'.. i§€?2T.3'iZZ?§.‘$°€§a 2'3,§Z{§°Zr°2.f§°§§¥.€S1-."{.*.1§.,'“.E‘r¥.P£.“‘§‘i‘§if°2$,.E‘3.°f;

SRI1S, C., 8.Il E¤‘¤¤¤_<>¤¤¤¤<> aforesaid, and to adjust, settle, and liquidate, the debts due from said ,,QgIél;g§,$';',;l banks, shall have full power to commence and institute all necessary actions, suits, or other proceedings, in law, or equity, in the name of said _ bank, and prosecute the same to final Judgment and execution, Pro- P¤>V¤¤¤· vided,That the Court in which such legal or equitable proceeding shall be commenced, shall first receive sufficient security for the costs which may be recovered by the opposite party. Approved, June 17, 1844. Snrurr: I. June 17, 1844. CHAP. XCIX.-—An .-det to enable the We;irfDepa;L1;pzent to supply certain balances ·‘····—··•·· o appropriation, an wot purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United B¤l¤¤¤¤¤¤¤d¤r States e America in Can ess assembled, That the President of the acts ofJune 12 ~ - · gr - · · · 183,, ,,,,9., · United States is hereby authorized to direct the application of any and Mm-ch gi, balances now remaining in the treasury, or which may come into the ,li£;?.tglp89gé tipeasury on the settlerlpent of accounts under any of the specific heads 1- d_ ‘ o appropriation in the acts of the twelfth June eighteen hundred and P w thirty-eight and third March eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, to any arrearages chargeable to the general head of suppression of Indian hostilities. Balanccs ,,,,_ _ Suc.2. And be it further enacted, That the balances of appropriader ws gfApyil tions made twenty-ninth April eighteen hundred and thirty-six, twelfth §9.18? June, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight and third March eighteen hung,?';.,, ,;,},,3 · dred and thirty-nine for suppression of Indian hostilities, which have Mm;. 3, 1839, been carried to the surplus fund, be and the same are hereby re-appr·o- ¤h- 93. reéap- priated for the settlement of arrearages for suppression of Indian hos-

  • "°p"°"’ · tilities so far asthe same may be necessary in the payment of accounts

audited and passed for settlement by the accounting officers of the Treasury. Approved, June 17, 1844. Srarucrs I. June 17, 1844. Can. C. --An Act eupyzlemeniary to an acl entitled “An act to r lute arrests 1*w 3 0,,1 1,;,% 1, xmyawmytgnipg District of Colambia,” approved .(1ugust%t, eighteen , C . . ° $53* °h’ 4°‘ Be it enacted hy the Senate and House cfRepresentat·Zves of the United be gepgvsgrggpl States of America. an Congress assembled, Thatno person shall here- Orimprisomd after be held to bail or imprisoned in any civil action in the Dis- 5,, 3, CM; action, trrct of Columbia, in any case where the debt or claim, exclusive of in-

:3% terest and costs, is less than fifty dollars, and in cases where he may

&c_ • have been, or shall hereafter be, held to bail under the act, to which 1845, che this is a supplement; and that every person who at the time of the passage of this act, shall be held in prison or prison bounds, in any civil action, except in_the cases hereinbefore mentioned, shall there- 1,,,0,,,Sc, upon belimmediately discharged: Provided, That if any plaintiff in any civil action after judgment shall have been obtained by him or her, shall make oath according to law, that the defendant or defendants has or have conveyed away, lessened, or disposed of his or their property, rights, or_cred1ts,_or1s, or are about to remove, or hath or have re— moved, his or their property from this District, as he or she believes