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TWENTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. 1. Ch. 105. 1844. 68] the minimum price of said lands, from and after that day, shall be two dollars and fifty cents per acre. Armzovnn, June 17, 1844. Srurncrx: I. CHA1-. CV.-·.£n Act makin zz iatiom or fha civil and d' I ' qf Government for the fs€alp§r¢L(g*”'emdingjihe lhiriieik dayz®`0%jzz gg: hundred and forty:-five, and for other purposes. . Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives ¢y" the . United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following ,£;pr°pm` sums be, and hereby are, appropriated to the objects hereinafter ex- ' pressed, for the fiscal year ending on the thirtieth day of June, eighteen hundred and forty-five ; to be paid out of any unappropriated money in the treasury, namely: For compensation and mileage of Senators and members of the House Congress. of Representatives, and Delegates, three hundred and fifty-one thousand six hundred dollars; For compensation of the officers and clerks of both Houses of Con- Officers of the gross, twenty-nine thousand and ten dollars and fifty cents; §€‘l`§é*s“"d H· For stationery, fuel, printing, and all other contingent expenses of the Cnngnéem Senate, sixty thousand dollars; expenses of the For stationery, fuel, printing, and all other contingent expenses of the em House of Representatives, seventy-five thousand dollars; Provided, That cxpensegor the no part of the sums appropriated for the contingent expenses of either House of Reps. House of Congress shall be applied to any other than the ordinary ex- P'°"S°‘ penditures of the Senate and House of Representatives, nor as extra allowance to any clerk, messenger, or other attendant of the said two Houses, or either of them; nor as payment or compensation to any clerk, messenger, or other attendant of the said two Houses, or either of them, unless such clerk, messenger, or other attendant, be so employed by a resolution or order of one of said Houses. And provided, also, That proviso_ the Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the House of Representatives be directed, in the future disbursements of the public moneys for the use of their respective bodies, to confine their purchases exclusively to articles the growth and manufacture of the United States, provided the same can be procured of such growth and manufacture, of suitable quality and at reasonable prices upon as good terms as to quality and _ price as can be obtained of foreign growth and manufacture. _ Library of Congress.-For compensation of librarian, and two as- 0L1W11F vf sistnnt librarians, and messenger of the library, four thousand five f£§.;?§,,’ &c_ hundred dollars; Contingent For contingent expenses of said library, six hundred dollars; for ¤>1gP¤Y;\ é€ of purchase of books for said library, two thousand five hundred dollars; bm;'QS_ for purchase of law books for said library, one thousand dollars; Law books. Ea:ec1¢tive.—For compensation of the President of the United States, Exeqgrive. f twenty-five thousand dollars ; U1;?;:, gEt2S_ For repairs of the capitol, attending furnaces and waterrcl0sets,Ia1np· (y,,;,;,,,;, lighting, oil, laborers on the capitol grounds, tools, keeping rron pipes grounds, &¢. and wooden fences in order, attending at the western gates, and topdressing for plants, for trees and plants, repairs of public stable, pumps, {lagging, enclosures, extra labor in removing snow, dI4G., for taking down and rebuilding four chimneys on the capitol, for one bulk-head c011tam·· ing sixty-four lights, baize doors, &,c., complete, for one large fan·l1ght and frame, ten feet by live feet, containing thrrty-seven lights, and for three additional lamps for the capitol, and alteration in watenworks, and l ‘ for Fish, nine thousand and eighty-four dollars. Repmgw Wym- For repairs to windows, glass, and glazing, heretofore done by John °·» Y Purdy, one hundred and fifty dollars and twenty-five cents. _ _ Digging out For digging out the crypt, excavating and sufficxcut dT3U1S, crypt, &.c. Vox., V.—86