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690· TWENTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 105. 1844. Attorney Gen- For compensation of the Attorney General, clerk and messenger in ‘"“l· &°· his office, five thousand five hundred dollars. Contingent For contingent expenses of said office, five hundred dollars. €XP°¤=`>°S· For compensation of the reporter of the decisions of the Supreme

 Court, one thousand three hundred dollars.

District attor— For compensation of the district attorneys, including those in the se- ¤¢YS~ veral Teriritories, as prescribed by law, eight thousand dollars. Marshals. For compensation of the marshals, including those in the several Territories, as rescribed b law, seven thousand two hundred dollars. Expenses of For defrayinlg the cxpenyses of the Supreme, circuit, and district ‘l‘.° S!‘P'°“‘°a courts of the United States includincr the District of Columbia· also C1rcu1tandDls- . . . ’ . ° . . ’ . ’ mc, Courts, for jurors and witnesses, in and of the funds arising from lines, penalties &c. and forfeitures incurred in the fiscal year ending thirtieth June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-tive and previous years; and likewise for defraying the expenses of suits in which the United States are concerned, and of prosecutions for offences committed against the United States, and for the safe-keeping of prisoners, four hundred thousand proviso_ dollars: Provided, That no part of the sum hereby or hereafter to be appropriated for this object shall be paid to or in any way allowed to any person or persons who has or have neglected or who shall hereafter neglect, to comply with all and every requirement contained in the one hundred and sixty-seventh paragraph of the first section of the twenty- ninth chapter of the Laws of the United States entitled "An act making ISM 0h_ 29_ ppprlolpriations for the cig] anld diplcgnasic eécpienses of the Ciilovernmeps ort e year onethousand eig t un re an orty-two, an approv May eighteenth one thousand eight hundred and forty-two. To the sim And the sum of three thousand three hundred and nineteen dollars of Kentucky for and sixty-seven cents is hereby appropriated and directed to be paid to $;‘£°“‘"g °°“' the State of Kentucky, in discharge of a claim for that amount due the ` said State, for receiving, keeping and supporting the convicts of the Federal court for the district of Kentucky from the year one thousand eight hundred and four up to the first day of December one thousand eight hundred and forty-three. Printing for From and after the passage of this act the printing ordered by or for ?“p'°m° C°““ the Supreme Court in the city of Washington or any of its officers for 0 be let by . . . mmm_ the use of said court, shall be let by contract to the lowest bidder, in the same manner as is now done for the printing of the Executive Departments. Miscellaneous. lmsccllancous.-—For the payment of annuities and grants by special gf::;“*“°” wld acts of Congress, seven hundred and fifty dollars, _ l i K,,,,é,.s°fFk,_ For compensation of two keepers of the public archives in Florida, rida. archives. 0nc thousand dollars. IExpenses of I For expenses in relation to the loan, two thousand five hundred dol- ¤¤¤- ars. Penitentiary of For the support and maintenance of the penitentiary of the District D- C· of Columbia, five thousand dollars. H. Greenongn For payment to Horatio Greenough for statues for the east front of f°" S‘“‘“°*· the Capitol, four thousand dollars. L- 1’<=¤¤i¤¤ for For compensation to Luigi Persico for services rendered and expenses °°"'°°s‘ al'"' incurred in bringing the group of statues made by him to this country and placinghit on the pedestal by direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, our thousand dollars. {D§6;i°¤f?f ip { To make good a deficiency in the fund for the relief of sick and dis- S‘;Qm€°;_“ ‘° ° ablcd seamen, twenty-tive thousand dollars. Auxiliary For compensation and contingent expenses of the auxiliar guard, €¤¤1‘*l- after deducting the unexpended balance of one thousand one hundred and fifty-two dollars and sixty-eight cents, five thousand six hundred and twenty-two dollars and thirty-three cents.