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TWENTY-EIGHTII CONGRESS. Sass, I. Ch. 107. 1844. 701 and where a store-keeper is necessary: Provided, That said officers Proviso. shall be required to give a bond in such amount as may be fixed by the Secretary of the Navy for the faithful performance of his duty: And Proviso. provided also, That the annual compensation for all his services except travelling, shall not exceed fifteen hundred dollars. For- provisions for the navy, including transportation, cooperage, and px0V3mm_ other expenses, six hundred and fifteen thousand eight hundred and twenty-eight dollars; For surgeons’ necessaries and appliances, for the sick and hurt of the Surgeons' nenavol service, including the marine corps, twelve thousand two hundred ¢¤¤S¤¤¢¤» &<=· and nfty dollars; For the increase, repair, armament and equipment of the navy, and Increase of wear and tear of vessels in commission, one million dollars; ¤'*VY· &°· For ordnance and ordnance stores, including all incidental expenses Ordnanee,&,o. and liabilities on outstanding contracts, three hundred and seventy thousand eight hundred and eighty-five dollars; For books, maps, charts and instruments, binding and repairing the Books, &.o. same, and all expenses of the Hydrographical office, twenty-three thousand two hundred dollars; For grading and enclosing University Square in the city of Washing- University ton, upon which the depot of charts and instruments has been erected, S‘l““"· twelve thousand five hundred dollars; For improvements and necessary repairs of navy-yards, viz: Improvements At Kittery, Maine, twenty-four thousand eight hundred dollars; °§{}:’ds· _At Charlestown, Massachusetts, twenty-four thousand five hundred Ci,,,°;E;,,,wn_ and fifty dollars; At Brooklyn, New York, thirty-eight thousand six hundred and eigh- Brooklyn, for teen dollars, and the unexpended balance of the appropriation for the ;°é‘:"3§;l;’“ of said navy-yard of one hundred and twenty-nine thousand one hundred Y ' dollars, made by the act entitled "An act making appropriations for the Act of August naval service for the year eighteen hundred and forty-two," approved on 4, 1842, ch. 121. the fourth day of August, eighteen hundred and forty-two, shall be immediately expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Navy in continuance of the work already commenced at said navy-yard, for the construction of ~a stone dry dock at the said place, or in the construction of a dry dock on some other plan, if he shall deem the same better suited for the purposes of the navy, as in his discretion he shall deem best for the public interest. At Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, nine thousand two hundred and twen- Philadelphia. ty-two dollars and sixty-six cents; At Washington, District of Columbia, sixteen thousand two hundred Washington. and sixty-seven dollars; At Gosport, Virginia, twenty-nine thousand eight hundred and eighty Gosport. dollars; _ At Pensacola, Florida, sixteen thousand three hundred and thirty- Pensacola. seven dollars; and the further sum of fifty thousand three hundred and Continuation Seventy-one dollars, which, with the sum of one hundred thousand dol- gg3g;,;::; ""°"k’ lars heretofore appropriated for the construction of a floating dry dock Hf that place by the act of March third one thousand eight hundred and Act of March forty-three, making together the sum of one hundred and fifty thousand 3, 1843, Cb_ 8g_ three hundred and seventy-one dollars, shall be expendedm the construction of the following works and in the following proportions, to wrt: for a permanent wharf, sixty thousand dollars; for a ship-house and building slip, forty thousand dollars; for a store-house, twenty thousand dollars ; for a timber shed, twenty thousand dollars, and for a temporary wharf; ten thousand three hundred and seventy-one dollars; according to the plan and report commun1cated to the Senate by the Secretary of the Navy in compliance with a resolution of the twenty- ninth April, one thousand eight hundred and forty-fpuig . 1 ..