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T WENTY·EIGHTH CONGRESS. S1ass.1. Ch. 107. 1844. 703 ordnance stores, flags, drums, lifes, and musical instruments, two thousand eight hundred dollars; For transportation of 0iTiC€1'S and troops, and for expenses of recruit- T¤‘¤¤¤p¤rtuing, eight thousand dollars ; firm of officers Fo; repair of barracks and rent of temporary barracks, six thousand a];;;:;;;?;' dollars; ° For contingencies, viz: Contingencies Freight, ferriage, toll wharfagc and cartage; compensation to judge Freighzs, &c,' advocates; per diem for attending courts-martial and courts of inquiry; per diem to enlisted men on constant labor; house rent where no public quarters are assigned; the burial of deceased marines; printing; stationery; forage; postage; the pursuit of deserters; candles and oil; straw; barruck furniture; bed sacks; spades; axes; shovels; picks; carpenters tools ; and keeping a horse for the messenger, seventeen thousand nine hundred and eighty dollars. Sec. 2. And be itfurt/ter enacted, That there be and there is hereby American appropriated the sum of fifty thousand dollars to purchase American h°mP- water-rotted hemp for the use of the navy and to pay the cost of agencies of purchase as established by law. And no timber purchases of F‘£°*E“ l*°"*P foreign hemp shall be made for the navy of the United States, except so pm lbu°d` far as a supply of American hemp of proper quality and at as cheap a price cannot be obtained. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That so much of the first section Part of act of the act entitled "An act to regulate the pay of the N avy," approved §g‘"g§€l§°'S the third of March, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-five, and the du:;?;;;; pig, twelfth section of an act entitled "An act to regulate the pay of pursers Of rhatgradc, and other officers of the Navy, passed August twenty-sixth, eighteen '°l’§_,fg° ch 27 hundred and forty-two, as provides that officers temporarily performing 1343; ch: the duties belonging to those of a higher grade shall receive the com- 1845, <>h· 26- ponsation allowed to such higher grade, while actually so employed, be and the same are hereby repealed. Size. 4. And be it fm/wr enacted, That no person shall be employed Disbursing or continued abroad, to receive and pay money for the use of the naval d service on foreign stations whether under contract or otherwise, or to by the 58mm_ perform the duties usually performed by navy agents, who has not been or shall not be appointed by and with the advice and consent of the Senate: Provided, That this shall not apply to the disbursement of any P¤>ViS¤· sum now in the hands of any person heretofore employed for such purposes. Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Navy Sswtetafi my be em d t l`l d all reservations of the ten er con- "h"q“‘Sh mm powere ore inquxsi an pay _ p my an Ofwpex tum upon deliveries made under all contracts with the Navy Depart- canton delivmeut, where these reservations have arisen and the contracts been after- Mieswards extended, or where the contracts have been completed after the time of delivery by and with the consent of the Department, or in all cases where the contracts have been dissolved by the like consent, or been put an end to, or an extension thereof been prevented by operation of law, where no injury has been sustained by the public service: Provided, That this section shall not extend or apply to any case where Proviso, the reservations shall have been made on contracts which have been expired more than five years before the first day of January last. V _ Sec. 6. And be it jkrrther enacted, That the sum of fifty thousand F<ig;*H9g**°¤¤£ d<>ll2lrS be and the same is hereby appropriated, for the c0mm6n0€m€Dt on on 3 me of fortifications on the Florida reef, including Key West, und the Dry Tortugas, at such positions as, in the opinion of the President, may be best adapted for the command of the straits of Florida, and the general defence of the Gulf of Mexico. Avmovmo, June 17, 1844.