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TWENTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Rns.15,16,17’. 1844. 719 sent over sea from and to the United States, to and from any part of France and of the States comprehended within the German Customs Union, and of those countries on the continent, between which and France and of the said German States there exists a continued arrangement of the like kind, may be paid at the place where they are respectively mailed or received. Armovnn, June 15, 1844. N o. 15. A Ilcsolutionfor the relijf of certain claimants under the Cherokee treaty June 15, 1844. of one tlwuscm cig/it hundred and thirty-six. """""'—_" Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the C°"m°“*°’l°‘ Treasury be directed to pay, or cause to be paid, the several sums found due to claimants under the Cherokee treaty of one thousand eight hun- ers under Chedred and thirty-six, upon the certificates issued by the board of com- ’°l‘°°."°”**Y» *° missioners appointed in pursuance of the seventeenth article of said b° pm' treaty, out of the unexpended balance of appropriations made for the payment of such claims, upon the presentation of said certificates. Aprnovmn, June 15, 1844. No 16. A Joint Resolution authorizing Unc transfer of certain clerks in the Tram June 15, 1844. wry Department. *··*·**····· Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Sw-vf 'F`1‘¤¤¤· Treasury be, and is hereby authorized to transfer from any office or ;';g`e‘;'f:f£"m offices of the Treasury Department from which their services may, in manga mus. his opinion, be dispensed with, three or more clerks to be employed ii¤=¤|i¤T¤fm¤- under his direction in collecting, arranging and classifying such statisti- °°"* &‘°' cal information as may be procured, showing or tending to show each year the condition of the agriculture, manufactures, domestic trade, currency and banks of the several States and Territories of the United States. The clerks which may be transferred and employed under this Clerks iv F8- authority shall receive the same salaries as at present—and a report ;"Q;5;:‘° my containing the results of the information obtained upon the before men- ` tioned subjects, shall be annually made to Congress by the Secretary of the Treasury, on the first Monday of January. Apnizovnn, June 15, 1844. N0. 17. A Resolution relating io lhe public lands appertaining to the armaries at yum yy, mM_ Springfeld and Ha-rpe1·’s Ferry. ——-—-——-——- Resolved by the Senate and House cj Representatives of the United Statesqf America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of War scc_ of wmbe, and he is hereby authorized to alter, establish and settle the boun- my ¤l¢q¤‘ the dary lines between the United States lands at the Springfield armory ;’§':g‘;H;°:’,i]; and the contiguous lands belonging to the town of Springfield in the iaying-Out, &,c, State of Massachusetts, and to individual citizens, in such a way as ¤T¤¤f¤¢¤S· may be best calculated to allow the laying out and altering of streets and highways for the mutual convenience and advantage of all parties; and for PHTPOSC he is further HIIthOI'iZCd to BXCl'lHHgC and COHVGY, Zlnd May gxchgnggt to receive from the corporate authorities of Springfield, or to and from ¢¤!¤*¢{·:>1*‘l}’¤· individual proprietors, such fractional parts of land as may be necessary f§;‘{°Pl;';mSg}` for the accommodation and convenience of the town of Springfield in running its public streets and highways, and of the armory in securing the safety ofQ and free access to its workshops, arsenals, and other pdblic buildings; and to grant on the part of the United §tates, and receiye from the corporative authorities of Springfield, or from indnvidualproprxe-