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TWENTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. S1=1ss.II. Ch. 17, 18. 1845. 725 titled "An act providing for the sale of the tract of land at the British Act of April {Ort of the Miami of thé Lake, Hf the foot of the rapids, and for other- 27» 1816• °h· pm·pOses," But all such town lots and out lots, or other tract or ti-nets m` of land, reserved, or directed to be reserved, as aforesaid, shall be holden subject to the uses and trusts in said acts, and in other acts relating to Such reserves, desigllatéd Ot iuténded. But nothing contained in this Payments due act shell prevent the original purchasers of the lots or lands within the ‘l'°.U· S- md limits of the said towns of Perrysburg and Croghansville, and not ieiin. g£”° °°°‘°H°"' quished to the United States, from paying to the State of Ohio or the General Government for the use of said road or the United States the money with the interest remaining due thereon, on all such lots and lands as may not have heretofore been disposed of by the authorities of the said State for the benefit of said road. Approved, February 20, 1845. '**"‘ Sanus: II. Gun. XVII. -.0*:1 Act to amend the act entitled “ ./2n act to provide for the en- Feb. 20, 1845. listment of boys for the naval service, and la extend the term of enlistment of """"_"’ seamen." Be it enacted by the Senate and House o Representatives o the United States of America in Congress assembled, That, from anclfaifter dgfsyeinggdgg the passage of this act, the provisions of the second and third sections 2d and 3d secs. of the set entited "An act to provide for the enlistment of boys for the ';gf3;f2:g“"°l' navel service, and to extend the term of the enlistment of seamen," ap- ,;;,,32,} ,,5,1;;: proved March second, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-seven, selinIl.S.{end which authorize and provide for the detention of any person enlisted “"“1 ‘l‘·°°h d· for the navy, after the expiration of the enlistment, until the return of such person to the United States, shall be understood and construed to authorize and provide for the detention of such person until the arrival of the vessel in which he shall be so detained at a port of the United States, and until he shall have received his regular discharge by order of the Secretary of the Navy: Provided, That such detention shall not Prvviw exceed the term of thirty days from the time of the arrival of the said vessel in a port of the United States. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the commanding officer of N¤v¤l officcrs any vessel, squadron or fleet of the navy of the United States, when l‘;l;:,l;';';g'}';l;n_ upon the high seas or in any foreign port where there is no resident gulgin umm consul of the United States, shall be and is hereby authorized and em-I ¤¤¤<·>¤- powered to exercise all the powers of a consul in relation to mariners of the United States. Arpxovsn, February 20, 1845. . -———-— Srswu II. CHAP. XVIII.——An Act to organize a new land district in the soutlmmpart:y" the Feb. 20, 1845. Stale of Ar/cansas. . "’*"’*‘""" Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the section of 1£|3¤£§:€€°l¤ country in the southern part of the State of Arkansas, south of the base GmbH5h6d_ line, and east of the meridian, comprised within the following boundaries, to wit: between the line dividing ranges five and six on the Iesst, the line dividing ranges twenty and twenty-one on the west, the dividing line between townships ten and eleven on the north, und the State lme on the South, be made to form a separate district, t0_ be called the Champagnole district, the seat of the land office for which shall be at omee tobein the town of Champagnole, and be subiect to removal by the President Uh¤¤¤i>¤z¤° °· of the United States, whenever, in his judgment, it may be proper so Reg mr nd to do. w ° Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That there shall be e register and ;;‘;,'§i‘Q§;$';' gf, Tiwéivcr of public moneys appointed for said leudgdjgrnct, who shell