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_ 740 TWENTY—EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 45, 46. 1845. of the Post Office Department for the year ending on the thirtieth June, eighmeen hundred and forty-six, out of any moneys in the Treasury arising from the revenues of the said department, in conformity to the act of second July, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, viz: •;·mm,p°,,,. For transportation of the mail, three million and fifty thousand dultion. ms; Postmasters. For compensation to postmnsters, nine hundred and seventy-Eve thousand dollars; Leum. For ship, steamboat, and way letters, twelve thousand dollars; Wrapping p¤· For wrapping paper, sixteen thousand dollars; Pgm . For office furxniture, (for the offices of postmasters,) four thousand ce furm- d U ture. 0 MS a Advertising. For advertising, thirty thousand dollars; Mail bags. For mail bags, sixteen thousand dollars; Blanks. For blanks, twenty-two thousand dollars; Mail locks. For mail locks, keys, and stamps, six thousand dollars; Depredamiuus, For mail depredations and special agents, thirty thousand dollars: G;,":; and aL Provided, lwwever, That no greater sum shall be paid to any mall agen: lowgnccs W of any description than one thousand dollars per annum, and no greater specialagents sum for all his travelling and incidental expenses, than at the rate of H""d· two dollars for each day he shall be actually employed in the capacity of mail a ent.; Clerks, For clgrks for offices, (for the offices of postmasters,) two hundred thousand dollars; Miscellaneous. For miscellaneous, fifty-five thousand dollars. APPROVED, March 3, 1845. S·rA·rU:r1: II. March 3, 1845. Ch.u>. XLV.-An dc! suppleme»ntury io an act entitled “An act tojix the value gf

 ceriain foreign moneys of account in computations at the custom-huuses."

3»184?’»°h-9* Be it enacted by the Senate mul House of Representatives ey" tlw V¤|¤¤ of ilvrin United Statesqf America in Congress assembled, That, in all compute-. "f1Q;‘:";; hL§‘;d· tions of the value of foreign moneys of account at the custom-houses of ’` the United States, the Horin of Austria shall be deemed and taken to be at the value of forty-eight cents; and all former laws inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed. Approved, March 3, 1845. S·ru·u·ma II. March 3, ;345_ Cr-up. XLVI.-An Act to confirm liu: survey and location q" claims fm- lands in "*_-"‘ the State of Miasisszjvpi, cast of the Pearl river, and wut/1 of thirtyrfirst degree 18*8, °h- 122- of north latitude. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Garmin sur- States of America in G' assembled, That all surveys and plats of

°“E’“‘°d confirmed claims and settlement rights for lands ituate in the State of

uully . . . . . , madm Mississippi, east of Pearl rxver, and south of thxrty-first degree of north latitude, which had been made and returned to the surveyor general’s office south of Tennessee on or before the first day of January, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine, shall be, and are hereby, coulirmed, as actually surveyed on the ground; and the said surveyor genef8‘f§Zg:g;“‘ ral is hereby authorized and directed, on the request of any party intethe mm,,, and rested in any such claim, to certify the return and plat of such actual pla: of eurvey m survey, so remaining in his office, to the register and receiver for lands

e‘{$§;“t£§: 3;*3 in the Augusta district, in said State, who are hereby directed to receive

Augusta dis, and regard said surveys, plats, and location of the claims they represent, u-ie: es correctly made; and the said register and receiver shall thereupon ml§:§:: °‘;:;E}v ISSUE, in the name of the confirmee of the claim a patent certificate for acmmcm &c each clanm; which certificate, being nirst. duly recorded in the said reg1ster’s office, shall be delivered to such person as is entitled to repre-