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742 TWVENTY-EIG HTH CONGRESS. Sess.II. Ch. 47, 48. 1845. Sawrurxa II. Cmu-. XLVII. --.811 dat makinrr appropriations for the support of the Mlitary

 Aeadenzyjhr iha year ending he thirlicl/z June, cig/dean hundred and forty-

six. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of {hc

Appropria· United States of America in Congress assembled, That the followmg
    • 0***- sums be, and the same arc hereby appropriated out of any money m the

treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the support of lhe Military Academy, for the year ending on the thirtxeth of June, mghtecn hundred and forty-six: p,,y_ For the pay of olflccrs, instructors, cadets, and musicians, seventy- uinc thousand four hundred and sixty dollars; Subsistence_ For commugagon of subsistence, three thousand five hundred and seventy-seven dollars; Forage Og Ogg, For commutation of forage for officers' horses, two thousand five huncers' horses. dred ahd ninety-two dollars; Clothing ofof. For clothing for their servants, four hundred and twenty dollars; 6;*9*% S*>’V°'**ii For repairs and improvements, Fucl and apparatus, forage of public g . . , . . . cogffnggxt 5: horses and oxen, statnonery, prmting and other mcldental and conunpenses. gent expenses, twenty-two thousand dollars; Barracks_ For the building of barracks for cadets, thirty thousand dollars: Provided, That this appropriation, and the unexpended balance of the one heretofore mglde for this object, shall be applied exclusively to the completion of that portion of the barracks which is designed to accommodate the cadets usually quartered in the " old south bz1rracks.” Pay of ucudet. Sm:. 2. And be it fu1·¢lzer enacted, That from and after the thirticth June, eighteen hundred ahd forty-hvc, the pay of a cadet shall be twenty-four dollars par month, m hcu of the present pay and emoluments. Ammovmn, March 3, 1845. Snrurs II. March 3, 1845. Crm?. XLVIII.-—An Jlct for the admission of the Stale: of Iowa a1»d.Fl0rida into ’;";' the Union. (:4) Preamble. Whereas, the pcoplc of the Territory of Iowa did, on the seventh day of October, eighteen hundred and forty-four, by a convention of dolcgates called and znsscmblcd for that purpose, form for themselves a constitution and State government; and whereas, the people of the Act of Mm-ch Territory of Florida did, in like manner, by their delegates, on the 3·18‘“’·°l‘·75r eleventh day of January einhtccn hundred and thirt -nine form for and anno. . . · ¤ Y · . . themselves a constitution and State government, both of whxch szud constitutions are, republican; and said conventions having asked the admission of their respective Territories into the Union as States, on equal footing with the original States: Iowa and F1 O Be it enacted lay the Senate and 1House of licprescntatives of the United ,-ida dgclgygd m States 1y' America m Congress assembled, That the States of Iowa and be SW->¤» ¤: ¤¤ Florida be, and the same are hereby, declared to be States of the United $_2:‘[;`hg‘:;;‘¢;m States of Am<-zricaa {md are hereby admitted into the Union on equal Smeg. ° footing with the ongmnl States, in all respects whatsoever. Buunduyics of Sec. And be it jlxrther enacted, That the following shall be the Iowa. boundaries of {hc said State of Iowa, to wit: Beginning at the mouth 1846, ch. 82. of the Des Moines river, at the middle of the Mississippi, thence by the middle of the channel of that river to a. parallel of latitude passing through the mouth of the Mankato, or Blue-Earth river, thence west along the said parallel of latitude to :1 point where it is imersectcd by v. meridian line seventeen degrees and thirty minutes west of the meridian of Washington city, thence due south to the northern boundary line of the State of Mxssouri, thence castwardly following that boundary to the (a) Notes to the act of June 12, 1838, ch. 96.