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744 TWENTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 63. 1845. Buiiiilo. For defensive works and barracks near Buffalo, New York, thirty-five thousand dollars; Fort Ontario. For repairs of Fort Ontario, near Oswego, New York, seven thousand five hundred dollars; Lake Cham. For fortiiications at the outlet of Lake Champlain, New York, thirty Pl¤1¤· thousand dollars; penobsmt For fort at narrows of the Penobscot river, near Bucksport, Maine, rivcr. twenty thousand dollars; FortPrcb1c. For repairs of Fort Preble, Portland harbor, Maine, ten thousand dollars; Fort MeClary. For repairs of Fort McClary, Portsmouth harbor, New Hampshire, two thousand five hundred dollars; Fort Indepen- For repairs of Fort Independence, and sea-wall of Castle island, d°“°°· Boston harbor, Massachusetts, seven thousand dollars; Fort Warren. For Fort Warren, Boston harbor, Massachusetts, fifty thousand dollars ; Fort Adams. For Fort Adams, Newport harbor, Rhode Island, ten thousand dollars; Ft. Trumbull. For rebuilding Fort Trumbull, New London harbor, Connecticut, thirty thousand dollars; Fort Schuyler. For Fort Schuyler, East river, New York, sixty thousand dollars; Fort Wood. For repairs of Fort Wood, and sea-wall of Bedloe’s island, New York, thirty-five thousand dollars; Fortllamilton. F or repairs of Fort Hamilton, New York, twenty thousand dollars; Fmwashing. For repairs of Fort Washington, Potomac river, Maryland, twenty \¢>¤- thousand dollars; pm M,,,m,,,_ For Fort Monroe, Hampton roads, Virginia, sixty thousand dollars; Fm Calhoun_ For Fort Calhoun, Hampton roads, Virginia, fifteen thousand dollars; FortMcoon. For repairs and protection of site of Fort Macon, Beaufort harbor, North Carolina, six thousand dollars; Fort Moultrie. For preservation of the site of Fort Moultrie, Charleston harbor, South Carolina, twelve thousand dollars; Drunken Dick For dike to Drunken Dick shoal, Charleston harbor, South Carolina, “h°“l· thirty-Five thousand dollars; Fort Sumter. For Fort Sumter, Charleston harbor, South Carolina, seventy thousand dollars; Fortlohnson. For preservation of the site of · Fort Johnson, Charleston harbor, South Carolina, one thousand dollars; Fort Pulaski. For Fort Pulaski, Savannah river, Georgia, seventeen thousand dollars; Fort Jackson. For repairs of Fort Jackson, Savannah {Nor, Georgia, ten thousand dollars; St. Augustine. For completing the sea-wall at St. Augustine, including the transfer of the sum of one thousand one hundred and thirty-three dollars and four cents, being a balance remaining in agent’s hands of an appropriation for the repairs of Fort Marion, six thousand four hundred dollars; Fort Piclrcns. I For Fort Pickens, Pensacola harbor, Florida, twelve thousand dollars; Ft. Barrancas. For Fort Barrancas, Pensacola harbor, Florida, thirty thousand dollars ; Fort Morgan. Por repairs of Fort Morgan, Mobile point, Alabama, fifteen thousand do lars; Fort Jackson. For repairs of Fort Jackson, Mississippi river, Louisiana, seven thousand dollars; F crt St.Philip. For repairs of Fort St. Philip, Mississippi river, Louisiana, ten thousand dollars; I*`t.Livingston. For Fort Livingston, Grand Terre island, Barrataria bay, Louisiana, fifty thousand dollars;