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TWENTYJHIGHTII CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 71. 1845. 763 augmented rates in Louisiana, one hundred thousand dollars: Provided, That the surveyor general for the States of Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan, shall be, and hereby is, authorized to pay for the surveys to be made in the northern peninsula of Michigan and in the northern part of the southern peninsula of that State, at a rate not exceeding five dollars per mile for township boundaries, and four dollars per mile for section lines. Lttcrwurse with Foreign Nations.—For salaries of ministers to Foreign inter- Great Britain, France,,R.ussia, Prussia, Spain, Mexico, and Brazil, °°“FS?· sixty-three thousand dollars; and for outfits of said ministers, sixty- Mmmm' three thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. For salaries of secretaries of legation to the same places, fourteen Secretaries of thousand dollars. legation. For compensation to a Commissioner to reside in China, five thou- Commi sioncr sand dollars. to China. For salary of secretary and Chinese interpreter to that mission, two thousand five hundred dollars. For salaries of chargés des atfaires to Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Charges des Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Chili, Peru, New Grenada, Venezuela, 8%*65- Texas, Naples, Sardinia, and Buenos Ayres, sixty-two thousand five hundred dollars. _ _ For salary of a minister resident to Turkey, six thousand dollars. T1`g;i’,‘€;,°r t° For salary of a drogoman to the legation to Turkey, two thousand Drogoinan. five hundred dollars. d for contingent expenses of all the missions abroad, fifteen thousand cSp<;'£g§°¤* o ars. ‘ For salary of the consul at London, two thousand dollars. dggilsul mL°°' For salary of the consul at Beyroot, five hundred dollars. Consul at Bey- For outfits of charges des affaires to Texas, Austria, Peru, and Vane- **6**- H zuela, seventeen thousand five hundred dollars. ui m' For clerk hire, office rent, and other expenses of the office of the Consulate at consul at London, two thousand eight hundred dollars. L°“d°“· For compensation of a commissioner to the Sandwich islands, three Comrrrissu- to thousand dollars. f ul Sg“d"l¥l;“Yd:· For interpreters, uards, and other expenses 0 the cons ates at Con- °“’“ We ” stantinople, Smyrna? and Alexandria, fifteen hundred dollars. g§,r;,s¥,$sfi§3,§i8' For salary as charge d’afl`aires, and outfit to Henry Ledyurd, while H_ Lcdya,d_ so employed in France, nine thousand four hundred and fifty-six dollars. For compensation to Benjamin E. Green, while officiating as chargé B. E. Green. d’affaires in Mexico, one thousand and sixty-nine dollars and forty cents. For compensation to J. Pemberton Hutchinson, in full, for diplomatic J. P. Hutchinservices at Lisbon, during the interval between the suspension of the ¤°¤· mission of T. L. L. Brent, and the recognition of his successor at the Court of Portugal, two thousand nine hundred dollars. _ _ For compensation to Arthur Middleton, in full for diplomatic services A, Middleton, in Spain, during several periods in the years eighteen hundred and thirty-six, eighteen hundred and thirty-seven, and eighteen hundred and forty, fourteen hundred and fifty-four dollars. _ _ _ For the relief and protection of American seamen in foreign coun- B:Il¤<;g¤fAmetries, seventy-five thousand dollars; _ _ "° °m°°' For running and marking the boundary line between the United States N. E. bounand the possessions of Great Britain, seventy-five thousand dollars. · dw'- I _ Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That no part of the appropriations Héppheatrorr of which may be made for the contingent expenses of either House of Con- guzgpliggezo gress, shall be applied to any other than the ordinary expenditures of House, of Cm, the Senate and House of Representatives, respectively, nor as extra grass. allowance to any clerk, messenger, or attendant of the said two Houses,