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TWEN'ITY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. C1~r.72. 1845. 777 closing accounts, under the authority contained in the act of third of Aczcf March March, one thousand eight hundred and forty-three, eight hundred 3· 184:% ¤h· 80· dollars. For carrying into effect the Cherokee treaty of one thousand eight Cherokee hundred and thirty-five, being the amount of the fund appropriated in “’°’”Y- one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six, lost in transportation by the explosion of the steamer Black Hawk, in December, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-seven, eight thousand six hundred and ten-dollars. For the removal of the Choctaws west of the Mississippi, and for Removarof their subsistence for one year, including contingent expenses connect- Choctaws. ed therewith, one hundred and thirteen thousand five hundred and forty dollars. To make good the interest on investments in State stocks and bonds, {mum due for various Indian tribes, not yet paid by the States, to be reimbursed Indians on out of the interest when collected, sixty-eight thousand four hundred S““° **0****- and thirty-nine dollars and ninety-three cents. For payment to the Bank of Michigan, or its assigns, for moneys ad- Bank Orivnch. vanced under authority of the Secretary of War, and Secretary of the igan for moneyn Treasury, in fulfilment of a treaty with the Chippewas of Saginaw, of "d"“°°d‘ January one thousand eight hundred and thirty-seven, together with interest on the principal suin due said bank from the first day of February one thousand eight hundred and forty, at six per cent. per annum, twelve thousand five hundred dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary: Provided, That of the scrip which has been awarded, or which shall be awarded, to Choctaw Indians under the provisions of the law of twenty-third August, one thousand eight hundred and forty-two, Act ofAug-.23, that portion thereof, not deliverable East, by the third section of said 1842·°l‘· 181 law, in these words " not more than one half of which shall be delivered to said Indian until after his removal to the Choctaw territory, west of the Mississippi river," shall not be issued or delivered in the West, hut the amounts awarded for land on which they resided, but which it is rmpossible for the United States now to give thfem, shall carry an interest of five per cent., which the United States will pay annually to the reservees under the treaty of one thousand eight hundred and thirty, respectively, or to their heirs and legal representatives, forever, estimating the land to which they may be entitled, at one dollar and twenty-tive cents per acre: Proviclccl, further, That so much of the law of twenty- third August, one thousand eight hundred and forty-two, as is inconsistent herewith, is herehy repealed. Seo. 2. And be it further enacted, That the sum of five thousand Annuity to the dollars, appropriated under the act entitled "An act making appropria- S¤¤¤¤¤¤· tions for the current and contingent expenses of the Indian Department, and for fulnlling treaty stipulations with the various Indian tribes, for the year ending the thirtieth June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-tive," and approved seventeenth June, one thousand eight hundred Anmtjune 17, and forty-four, for payment to the Senecas of a permanent annuity, sti- 184% °h· l08· pulated in the fourth article of the treaty of twenty-ninth September, one thousand eight hundred and seventeen, four thousand five hundred ' dollars be carried to the surplus fund, being that amount appropriated more than was necessary to the fulfilment of the said treaty stipulation. Sec. 3. And be il fini/zer enacted, That the Secretary of War be Expenses of directed to settle and pay the expenses incurred in the partition of the fl; lands of the Stockbridge Indians under the act of the third of March, ],mds_ g eighteen hundred and forty-three, upon the same principle. that the Act of March expenses of the partition of the lands of the Brotherton Indians were 3» 1843»°h·80· made under the act of the third of March, eighteen hundred and thirty- 1839, ch- 83 nine, to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. Arertovnn, March 3, 1845. Von. V.-—-98