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TWENTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 74. 1845. 781 by way of Napoleon or Buck Park in said county, and Downingsville and Williamstown in Grant county, to Falmouth in Pendleton county. Tennessee.-From Wilcocks to Milledgeville. From Rodgersville, T°””€”°°· via Thomas I. Lee’s, to Russelville. From Charleston, via Georgetown and Harrison, (late Vanville,) to Cattanooga. From Charleston to Benton. From Cleveland, via Red Clay, Georgia, Dogwood and Medicinal Springs, to Rome, Georgia. From Cleveland, via Carother’s Cross Roads, Harrison, Poe’s Turnpike, Walling’s Ridge, Rankin’s on Brush Creek, crossing the main Cumberland mountain at Hill’s Turnpike, to McMinnville, Warren county. From Murfreesborough, via Lebanon, to Gallatin. From Lynchburg, Tennessee, via William A. Tucker’s, Arnold’s Store, Shelton’s Creek, and Jacob Hamilton’s, to New Market, Madison county, Alabama. From Lynchburg, Tennessee, via Jacob Awalt’s, to Winchester Springs. From Fayetteville, via Stone Bracker, and McCarty’s Mills, and Arnold’s Store, to Salem, in Franklin county. From Lafayette, via Witcher’s Cross Roads, Highland, and Flinn’s Lick, to Kinchlow’s, in Putnam county. From Jackson, via Brownsville, Wesley Haywood, to Memphis. From Battle Creek, via Rice’s Ferry, to Lebanon, Alabama. From Waterloo, Alabama, by State line ferry, Lester’s Sulphur Springs, to Jacinto, in Mississippi. From Mount Pleasant, via Waynsboro, Reaches Blur}; on Tennessee river, Bolivar and Somerville to Memphis. From Savannah in Tennessee, by Hamburg to Jacinto in Mississippi. From Somerville, Fayette county, to T. W. Herveys, thence ten miles toWhiteville, Hardiman county, thence to Meden, Madison county, thence to Jackson. Ohi0.——From Ripley, on the Ohio river, via Russelville,`Fincastle, Ohio. New Market, Hillsborough, Petersborough, Greenfield, and Frankford, to Circleville. From Uniontown, Muskingum county, via Buckeye Cottage, Rehoboth, New Lexington, and Straitsville, to Logan, in Hocking county. From Finley, in Hancock county, via Cannonsburg, William Morrison’s in Orange township, and Armorsville, td Round Head in Hardin county. From Sunbury, in Delaware county, by way of Fredericktown and Newville, to Ashland in Richland county. From Bucyrus, in Crawford county, via Upper Sandusky, Crawfordsville, and Cary, to Finley, in Hancock county. To continue mail route, number two thousand and fifty-five: from Youngstown, in Trumbull county, to Kelloggsville, in Ashtabula county, and thence by Sheffield and Ply- mouth, to Ashtabula. From Portsmouth, on the Ohio river, by Locust Grove, Belfast, and Marshall, to Hillsborough. From Cleveland, via the township of Brooklyn, Rockport, Middleburg, Olmstead, Ridgeville, Eaton, Laporte, and Carlisle, to Oberlin. From Strongsville, via Berea to Olmsted. For extension of route from Meadville and Kinsman, Ohio, via the towns of Gustavus, Johnson, Mecca and Bezetta. From Marietta, via the valley of the Little Muskingum, Conner’s Mill, Chambers' Mill, Flint’s Mill, and Gaysville, to Woodslield. From Toledo, via Lyman Parker’s Farm, Chatlield’s Mill, Bridgewater, Angola, Jackson, Prairie Lima, and White Pigeon, to St. Joseph, in Michigan. From Cincinnati, by Mears’ Farm, Withamville, Amelia, Bantam, [and] Bethel to Felicity. From Goshen, Clermont county, Ohio, through Sloansville and Woodsville to West Borough, Clinton county, Ohio. Indiana.—I<`rom Indianapolis, via Broad Ripple, Bethlehem,Westfield, Indiana. Farmington, Shield ville, Canton, and Kokamo, to Peru. From Columbus, in Bartholomew county, via Rock Creek, to WestP0int, in Decatur county. From Franklin, via Hensley and Bean Blossom, to N ashville. From Decatur, in Adams county, via Port Mahon, to Liberty Mills, in Wllabash county. From Rochester, in Fulton county, via Troy, Gilead, N iconza, and Joseph Beckner’s, to Wabash town, in Wabash county. From Lafayette, via.Parish’s Grove, Milford, Illinois, Spring{Creek, and Oliver’s Grove, to Peoria, Illinois. From Lafayette, vizé Qensselaor, John