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46 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. SS. 1836. on the eighth August, eighteen hundred and thirty-one, sixteen hundred and ninety-five dollars and sixty-two cents. _ For expenses attending the execution of the treaty with the Creeks, of the twenty-fourth of March, eighteen hundred and thirty-two, in relation to locating reservations and certifying contracts, seven thousand dollars. _ _ For expenses attending the execution of the treaty with the Choetaws, of September, eighteen hundred and thirty, in relation to locating reservations, five thousand dollars. _ For the purpose of carrying into effect the treaty made with the Caddo Indians on the iirst day of July, eighteen hundred and thirty- Eve, forty thousand dollars. _ _ _ _ To defray the expense of removing the Winnebago Indians who reside south of the Wisconsin to the " neutral ground," or such other place as may be assigned by treaty, and for their subsistence for five months, p,.,,,;_,,_ forty thousand dollars. Provided always that no part of said sum of money shall be used unless the said Indians will agree to remove, and actually do remove to a country to be assigned to them on the southwest side of the river Missouri. q·,wg,,,_ To defray the expense of holding treaties with the Indians in the vicinity of Green Bay, Indians within the State of New York, the Winnebagoes north and south of the Wisconsin; and with the Sacs and Foxes north of Missouri, twenty-two thousand dollars. For holding a treaty with the Chippewas of Saginaw, five thousand ri-swiss, two hundred dollars; Provided, That the compensation to the commissioners for holding said treaties, shall be a per-diem allowance only. " For one hundred and seventy-five rides for the Pottawatamies, two thousand four hundred dollars." For the expenses of the Ross delegation of twenty Cherokees, thir teen thousand dollars, to be paid to John Martin. To defray the' expenses of Richard Field, a Cherokee Indian, who attended at the seat of Government, at the request of an agent of the Government, in the winter of eighteen hundred [and] thirty-four [and] thirty-five, four hundred and fifty dollars. For expenses of three delegates from the Seneca nation of Indians who have attended at Washington during the present winter, six hundred dollars. Removal of For the removal of twenty-one thousand Creek Indians and their sub- '}" C‘°°k°· sistence for one year, including subsistence of those recently removed, in addition to the balance of one hundred and tiity-tive thousand dollars of former appropriations, one million and twenty-three thousand live hundred and iiity dollars. Provided always, That it shall not be lawful to make any contract with any person or persons for the removal of said Indians, or any part of them, at the expense of any individual or individuals, except such contract is made in pursuance of reasonable notice, publicly given, and with such person or persons as shall have oilered the most favorable terms to the Government. Removal of For the removal of Seminole Indians and their subsistence for one ‘h° S°"“”°l°*’~ year, in addition to a balance of thirty-three thousand dollars of former appropriations, one hundred thousand dollars. Treaties. For holding treaties with the Indian tribes for the purpose of extinguishing the Indian title to the territory between the State of Missouri and the Missouri river, two thousand dollars. Delegation of To defray the expenses of a delegation of the Pottawatamie Indians,

sP°“¤W¤*¤· gnua. visit to Washington city, two thousand six hundred and thirty

’ dollars. S°°*’°*¤¤‘Y,<>*` $120.2. And be it further enacted, That the Secretar of War be,

 and he is hereby authorized to cause the accounts of the coyinmissioners,

neeoums, appointed under the act of Congress of third March, eighteen hundred