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TWENTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sisss.II. Crr.74. 1845. 737 toosa, Brookfield, Lisbon, and Warren, to Summit. From Madison, via Sun Prairie, Columbus, and Beaver, to Wapun, Fond du Lac county. From Aztalon, via Waterloo, and Columbus, to Fort Winrrebago, From Racine to Prairieville, in Milwaukie county, passing through Caledonia. and Muskigo. From Racine to Wheetland, and Geneva, Walworth county, through Pikes Grove, and Kellogs corners. From Racine to Betort, in Rock county, passing through Burlington, Lyonsville, Delevan and Darien. From Gratiot’s Grove, Iowa county, to Madison, the seat of Government. From Janesville, Rock county, Wisconsin, to Belvidere, Boon county, Illinois, via Waterloo, Northwest corner of section five, township forty-six north. From Green Bay to Fort Wilkins, on Lake Superior, in the State of Michigan. Iowa.-From Washington court-house, via Keokuk court—house, to lowa, Maliaska. court-house. From Brighton, via Richland, to Mahaska courthouse. From Keosauqua, via Davis’ court-house, to the centre of Appenoose county. From Fairfield, via "Agency city," Ottamwa, and Eddy- ville, through the Six-mile prairie in Mahaska county, to the present United States Indian agency on the Des Moines river. From Fairfield to Mahaska court-house. From Bloomington, via Moscow, Tipton, and Franklin, to Marion, Linn county. From Bellview, via Spring Brook, and Coxe’s Mill, to Springfield. From Nauvoo, Illinois, to Montrose, Iowa. From Burlington, via Captain Henry Settle’s, John Salliday’s, and Iowa river to Toolsborough. From Galena, Illinois, via Bellview, Iowa, to Andrew, Jackson county. From Galena, Illinois, via Bellview, to Makokety post office, Thorn’s and Anderson’s Mills, on the Wapsipinicon, and Tipton, to Iowa city. From Dubuque, via Garry Owen, (Irish settlement,) Lodge’s Ford, on the Makokety river, and Thorn’s Mills, on the Wapsipinicon, to Bloomington. From Dubuque, on the Territorial road, via the “Colony," or Moreland's Settlement, and Eads’s Grove, to Fort Atkinson, on Turkey river. From Dubuque, (in two horse coaches,) via Cascade and Marion, to Iowa city. From Fairfield, via the “Colony" and Iowaville, to the county seat of Davis county. From Iowa city, to the county seat of Poweshick county. From Marion, to the county seat of Benton county. From Dubuque, via the county seat of' Delaware county, to the county seat of Buchanan county. From Jacksonville, Clayton county, via the county seat of Fayette county, to Fort Atkinson. From Iowa city, to the county seat of Mahaska county. From Oscaloosa, county seat of Mahaska county, via Lake Prairie, to Red Rock. From Marion, in Linn county, through the settlements of McGonigle, Lockhart, Osborn and Davis, to Quasqueton, Buchanan county, Iowa. From Galena, Illinois, via Bellview, Spring Brook, and Brush Creek, to Andrew, in Iowa. From Eddyville, in Wappello county, to Clark’s Point, in Kishkeekosh county. From~Oscaloosa, via the "Six-mile Prairie," to the Mills, near where the Red Cedar Creek empties into the Des Moines. Sec.2. And be it fim’her enacted, That the above routes shall go 'poutesgqga into operation on the first day of July, eighteen hundred and forty-five, ¤¤L¤ ¤¤¢r¤¤¤¤» or sooner, should the funds of the department justify the same: Pro~ ‘”P§,';iS0_ vided, That as soon as a responsible contractor shall offer to transport the mails over any portion of the routes included in this bill, or in that approved on the thirty-first of August, eighteen hundred and forty-two, entitled "An act establishing certain p0Sf T06d5f, I0? HTG Yevemm d8' 18482, eh. 274. rived from the new offices to be established thereon, the Postmaster General shall have the power forthwith to put them into operation. Approved, March 3, 1845.