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TWENTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sr:ss.Il'. Ch. 78. 1845. 795 Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That no more than one Purser Pay ofpursers doing duty at any navy—yard shall at the same time be entitled to the °‘ ‘““'Y‘Y°"·l’· pay fixed by law for that service. • Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That the term " persons," men- 2d and 3d Secs_ tioned in the second and third sections of an act passed March second, ¤<=¤ vi 2d Mnrch one thousand eight hundred and thirty-seven, entitled “An act to pro- 18?7'd°lE 31* vide for the enlistment of boys for the naval service, and to extend the :51;: c Mmterm of enlistment of seamen," shall be construed to include marines. Sec. 10. And be it further enacted, That the accounting officers of Scnlemenrof the Treasury Department be authorized and directed, in the settlement KM- Yfl¤¤’¤ of the account of Rodman M. Price, as purser of the United States steam-ship Missouri, to credit him with such portion of the amount of souri, the slops, small stores, and money, with which he stands charged on the books of the Fourth Auditor of the Treasury, as they shall be satisfied was consumed or lost by the burning of said vessel; not, however, to exceed the sum of twelve thousand and sixty dollars; and that the said Rodman M. Price be, and he is hereby, exonerated from all liability on account of the provisions which were lost with said vessel. Sec. 11. And be it further enacted, That the sum of twenty-five thou- Erection of sand dollars be and the same is hereby appropriated, to be paid out of m°'lP°h°*Pl*¤l° any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the purpose gfoiiféiillgrghd of erecting marine hospitals upon the sites owned by the United States Cievelandi at Pittsburg in Pennsylvania, Louisville in Kentucky, and at Cleveland in Ohio, under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury. Sec. 12. And be it further enacted, That in all cases where proposals Pnbiicaaion for for any contract or contracts, to be made by any of the Executive De- P*°P°¤¤l¤·!$’·°· partments or Bureaus, and in all cases where notices of any description, \f,’;£,f$,°;£:{:_ issuing from the same, are now required by law to be advertised, the same shall be advertised by publication in the two newspapers, in the city ofWaslzingto11, having the largest permanent subscription, and at the discretion of the Executive in any third paper that may be published in said city: Provided, That the charges for such_ publications shall not be higher than such as are paid by individuals for advertising in sai papers: And provided also, That the same publications shall be mad in each of said papers equally, as to frequency. Avmzovnn, March 3, 1845. ·····— Srnurz II. Cnnr. LXXVIII.—-An .0ct relating to revenue cutters and steamer:. M*"°h $1845- Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the No m,,,,,,,,,, United States of America in Congress assembled, That no revenue cutter ouncr or steam or revenue steamer shall hereafter be built (excepting such as are now 3 *°_2Qhl;¤¤:*· in the course of building and equipment) nor purchased, unless an ,,;,,0 ;,,,,,g,,°’° appropriation be first made, by law, theregorkv JONES rlmrcdir. Speaker of theWI¥paIs;£fPR§pXi.§cgt5$2cs. ' I President pro tcmpare of the Senate. In Senna or ·rr1a Unrrspf S1u;·r·§s,1845 arc r , . The President of the United States having returned to the Senate, in which it originated, the bill entitled "An act relating to revenue cutters and Steamers," with his objections thereto, the Senate proceeded, in pursuance of the Constitution, to reconsider the same; and, Resolved, That the said bill do pass, two thirds of the Senate agreein t ass the same. g OP Attest: ASBURY DICKINS, Secretary of the Senate.