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56 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 116, 117. 1836. ¤ oa e throo ‘ oim three additional clerks for his Department, the one at a ¤§§i*i:¤¤* Lggyorwgne thousand six hundred dollars per annum, and elw mum. d°m ing two at a salary of one thousand dollars each per annum, md 4,, my the said clerks, quarter-yearly, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. Approved, June 23, 1836. STATUTE I. —·········* .. autlwrizi the Secrztar the Trcasur to act as the

  z;-Eng?   gtates in aymatters rclaiiggiv their stock gn in Bm]; gr

the United States. Secretary of Be it enacted by the Senate and Hwse of Representatives of the United ¢h¤ T¤=¤=¤*Y*<> States of America in Congress assembled, That from and aher the pag.

§,'§fh‘;"d °" sage of this act it shall be the duty of toc Secretary of the Treasury? to

ageooy. assume and exercise the agency and d1rect1o11 m behalf of the United States, over property in the Bank of the quxtcd States, whctherjhc same be standing on the books of the bank m the uamc of the United States, or of the Treasurer of the United States, for the use of the Secretary of the Navy, for the paygucnt of ngnvy pensions; and the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby xpvostod vpth the uuthonty peugsary for carrying into cifcot the dunes of sand agency, by voting m behalf of tho United States at any meetings of the stockholders, and performing any other act in relation to the same which any stockholder would be authorized to d0. Diygcmyg of Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That, as agent of the United

    • }¤ b=¤¤k *0 fm'- States, as aforesaid, the Secretary of the Treasury, shall be furnished,
“£i;°°°m°"°’ from time to time, as often as he may require-by the directors of the
 Bank of the United States, or by the trustees who shall have been, or

may bc, appointed, either by said directors or the stockholders of said bank, or in their behalf; or by such individuals as may have the custody, control, or possession of the books and cifccts of the same-with statomonts of the amount of the capital stock of the said corporation undivided, of the debts duc beyond the snmc 011 account of said bank, of the moneys remaining on deposits, of the notes of said bank outstanding, and of the spccic on hand on account of the same, and said Secretary shall have the same right as any stockholder to inspect and examine, or cause to be inspected and examined, all such accounts in the books of said bank, or of any trust arising out of or holding the effects of said corporation, as shall relate to the statements hereby required to be made. To receive Sm. 3. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Treasury

  • L°Y be authorized and directed to receive and deposite in the Treasury of

poshé the Same the United States, any dividends which may be made of the capital stock in the Treasury. or of tho surplus profits of said bank. To receive Sec. 4. And be it ji4rtlm~ enacted, That the Secretary of the Treagzgud S*°°k» sury shall be, and he hereby is, authorized and empowered to rccéiw

 the capital stock belonging to the United States, in tho late Bank of the

United States, in such instalments, and payable at such times, and with such rates of interest, as he shall scc-: it to agree to; and also, to settle and adjust the claim for surplus profits, accruing on said capital stock, on such terms as he may think proper, and in like manner to receive the amount thereof in such instalments, and payable at such times, and with such rates of interest, as he may agree to. Approved, J unc 23, 1836. S•.u·.wu I. Juno 23, 1836. CnA1>. CXVII.-dn dol tc settle and establish the nm·i/uzrn boundary line of Hu: Act of June State of 0h£v.(a) 2g, 1836,ch. Be at enacted by the Senate and House of Rqurescntativek of the United (a) Seo notes of acts rclming to the Territory of Michigan; act ofFcbmary16, 1819, chap. 22.