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68 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 120. 1836. said act, of the property of the United States, and all persons in their Proviso. service, from any toll whatever: And provzded further, That an annual report shall be made to the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, of the rate and amount of tolls charged or collected on said canals and their application. Arenovnn, June 23, 1836. Snrurr I. -—-—-—- J¤¤° 23» 1836- Cntr. CXX.-dn Act supplementary to the wai entitled "An act for the admission

 of the State of Jrkamas into the Union, and to provide fur the due execution of

pg, 1836, 0h_ the laws of the United States within the same, and for at/usr puqmse;," 100. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representqtives of tke United p,,,p0,,,;¤,,S States of America in Congress assembled, That m lieu of the proposiofléred for the tions submitted to the Congress of the United States, by an ordinance 5°°°g'*"’°°l°f passed by the convention of Delegates at Little Rock, assembled for the _Q;,,,;;??,,; purpose of making a constitution for the State of Arkansas, which are Arkansas. hereby rejected; and that the following propositnonssbe, and the same are hereby, offered to the General Assembly of the tate of Arkansas, for their free acce tance or re`ection, which if accepted, under the P .l _ authority granted to the said General Assembly, for this purpose, by the convention which framed the constitution of the said State shall be obligatory upon the United States: , Sections of First. That section numbered sixteen in every township, and when 1'md f°' “°l‘°°l“* such section has been sold, or otherwise di osed oi] other lands equiva- SP lent thereto, and as contiguous as may be, shall be granted to the State for the use of the inhabitants of such township for the use of schools. S¤l¢¤PYi¤2¤- Second. That all salt springs not exceeding twelve in number, with 1847,0], 5M 3_ six ections of land adjoining to each, shall be granted to the said State, for the use of said State, the same to be selected by the General Assembly thereof on or before the first day of January, one thousand eight hundred and forty; and the same, when so selected, to be used under such terms, conditions, and regulations as the General Assembly of the said Proviso. State shall direct: Provided, Thizt no salt spring, the right whereof is now vested in any individual or individuals, or which may hereafter be confirmed or adjudged to any individual or individuals shall by this Proviso. section, be granted to said State: And provided also, Tliat the’General Assembly shall never sell or lease the same, at any one time, for a longer period than ten years, without the consent of Congress; and that nothing contained in the act of Congress entitled "An act authorizing the ,832 ch. ,,0 Governor of the Territory of Arkansas to lease the salt springs in said ’Territory, and for other purposes," or in any other act, shall be construed to g1V€ to the said State any further or other claim whatsoever, to anyd salt springs or lands adjoining thereto, than to those hereby grant : u genie? _Third. _That live per cent. of the nett proceeds of the sale of lands ,,5,,, Qgpliss H; lying withm the said State, and which shall be sold by Congress, from roads and cu- and after the first day of July next, alter deducting all expenses incident mls. to thesame, shall be reserved for making public roads and canals within the said State, under the direction of the General Assembly thereofi Completion Fourth. That a quantity of land not exceeding five sections be, and

Pgbhc the same is hereby, granted to the said State in addition to the ten

]831_€,,,_6.,_ sections which have already been granted, for the purpose of completing 1832,¤1;,17g, the public buildings of the said State at Little Rock; which said five sections shall, under the direction of the General Assembly of sand State, be located, at alny timeil in legial divisions of not less than onequar er sec ion in suc towns ips an ranges as the General Assembly aforesaid rnay select, on any of the unappropriated lands of the United States within the said State.