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ADDITIONAL INCOME TAXES 117 SEC. 703. TAXABLE YEARS TO WHICH SUBCHAPTER IS APPLICABLE. The taxes imposed by this subchapter shall apply only with respect to taxable years ending during the calendar year 1939 and to subse- quent taxable years. SEC. 704. APPLICATION OF SUBCHAPTER TO POSSESSIONS. With respect to the following income, the tax under this subchapter shall be in force in any possession of the United States (including the Philippine Islands); such tax shall (without regard to the residence or citizenship or place of organization of the taxpayer) be collected by the appropriate internal-revenue officers of such possession; and the proceeds thereof shall accrue to the general government of such possession: (a) Any income specified in subsection (a) (1) or (3) of section 700 if the Federal excise tax with respect to the articles in question accrued in such possession; and (b) any income specified in subsection (a) (2) of section 700 if the reimbursement specified therein relates to articles sold in such possession by the taxpayer under this subchapter and if the geographical scope of the Federal excise tax in question extended to such possession. Income taxable as provided in this section shall not be otherwise taxable under this subchapter. In applying section 700 to such income, the gross income and deductions shall be determined in accordance with the Federal Revenue Act applicable to the taxable year. In applying section 701 to such income, income taxes paid to such possession shall be deemed to be Federal income taxes. SEC. 705. CLOSING AGREEMENTS. Any person who is liable for the tax imposed by this subchapter and who has filed any claim or claims for refund of any amount paid or collected as tax under the Agricultural Adjustment Act, 48 Stat. 31, as amended, may apply to the Commissioner for an adjustment of such liability for tax in conjunction with such claim or claims for refund, and thereafter, the Commissioner, for such purposes, may, in his discretion, consider such liability and such claim or claims as one case and, in his discretion, may enter into a written agreement with such person for the settlement of such case by such payment by, or refund to, such person as may be specified in such agreement. Such agreement shall be a final settlement of the liability for tax and the claim or claims for refund covered by such agreement, except in case of fraud, malfeasance, or misrepresentation of a material fact. In the absence of fraud or mistake in mathematical calculation, any action taken or any consideration given by the Commissioner pursuant to this section shall not be subject to review by any court, or any administrative, or accounting officer, employee, or agent of the United States. SEC. 706. PUBLICITY OF RETURNS. For provisions with respect to publicity of returns under this sub- chapter, see subsection (a) (2) of section 55.