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CODIFICATION OF INTERNAL REVENUE LAWS shall be taxed as an ounce. The tax imposed by this subsection shall be in addition to any import duty imposed on the aforesaid drugs. (b) BY WHOM PAID.- T he tax imposed by subsection (a) shall be paid by the importer manufacturer, producer, or compounder. (c) How PAID.- (1) STAMPS. -T he tax imposed by subsection (a) shall be repre- sented by appropriate stamps, to be provided by the Secretary. (2) ASSESSMENT.- For assessment in case of omitted taxes payable by stamp, see section 3311 and section 3640. (3) OTHER rETHODS.-Whether or not the method of collecting any tax imposed by this section or by section 3220 is specifically provided therein, any such tax may, under regulations prescribed by the Secretary be collected by stamp, coupon, serial-numbered ticket, or such other reasonable device or method as may be neces- sary or helpful in securing a complete and prompt collection of the tax. All administrative and penalty provisions of subchapters A, B and C of chapter 11, in so far as applicable, shall apply to the collection of any tax which the Secretary determines or prescribes shall be collected in such manner. (4) CRoss REFERENCE. - For authority of the Secretary to delegate such powers and duties, see subchapter D. (d) REIsTRATION AND SPECIAL TAX.- For requirements on importers, manufacturers, producers, dealers and practitioners to register and pay special tax, see part V of sub- chapter A of chapter 21. SEC. 2551 . EXEMPTIONS. (a) PREPARATIONS Or LIMTED NARCOTIC CONTENT. -T he provisions of this subchapter and part V of subchapter A of chapter 27 shall not be construed to apply to the manufacture, sale, distribu- tion, giving away, dispensing, or possession of preparations and remedies which do not contain more than two grains of opium, or more than one-fourth of a grain of morphine, or more than one- eighth of a grain of heroin, or more than one grain of codeine, or any salt or derivative of any of them in one fluid ounce, or, if a solid or semisolid preparation, in one avoirdupois ounce; or to lini- ments, ointments, or other preparations which are prepared for external use, only, except liniments, ointments and other prepara- tions which contain cocaine or any of its salts or alpha or beta eucaine or any of their salts or any synthetic substitute for them: Provided, That such remedies and preparations are manufactured, sold, distributed, given away, dispensed, or possessed as medicines and not for the purpose of evading the intentions and provisions of this subchapter and said part V: Provided further That any man- ufacturer, producer, compounder, or vendor (including dispensing physicians) of the preparations and remedies mentioned in this section lawfully entitled to manufacture, produce, compound, or vend such preparations and remedies, shall keep a record of all sales, exchanges, or gifts of such preparations and remedies in such manner as the Secretary shall direct. Such record shall be preserved for a period of two years in such a way as to be readily accessible to inspec- tion by any officer, agent or employee of the Treasury Department duly authorized for that purpose, and the State, Territorial, District, municipal, and insular officers named in section 2556, and every such person so possessing or disposing of such preparations and remedies shall register as required in section 3221 and, if he is not paying a tax under section 3220, he shall pay a special tax of $1 for each year, or fractional part thereof, in which he is engaged in such occupation, to the collector of the district in which he carries on such occupation as provided in part V of subchapter A of chapter 27. 270