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LIQUOR 297 Sec. 3035 . Power of Secretary to authorize amelioration and fortification of wine without supervision. Sec. 3036 . Wine spirits and pure sweet wine. Sec. 3037. Removal of domestic wines free of tax. Sec. 3038 . Grape and like wines for industrial use. Sec. 3039. Allowance for loss during storage or cellar treatment Sec. 3040 . Requirements on producers. Sec. 3041. Spirit meters, locks, and seals. Sec. 3042. Assignment of storekeeper-gaugers to fruit distilleries and wineries. Sec. 3043 . Penalties and forfeitures. Sec. 3044 . Definitions. Sec. 3045 . Application of natural wine provisions to citrus-fruit wines and other like wines. SUBCHAPTER C-INDUSTRIAL ALCOHOL PART I-DENATURATION Sec. 3070. Withdrawal from bond tax free. Sec. 3071. Drawing off and transfer of alcohol for denaturation. Sec. 3072. Unlawful use or concealment of denatured alcohol. Sec. 3073. Recovery of spirits for reuse in manufacture. Sec. 3074. Sale of abandoned spirits for denaturation without collection of tax. PAT II--INDUSTBITAT ALCOHOL PLANTS Sec. 3100. Establishment of Industrial Alcohol Plants. Sec. 3101. Establishment of Industrial Alcohol Warehouses. Sec. 3102. Establishment of denaturing plants. Sec. 3103 . Exemption of Industrial Alcohol plants and warehouses from certain laws. Sec. 3104. Withdrawal of fermented liquors to industrial alcohol plants. Sec. 3105 . Regulations for establishing, bonding and operation of plants and warehouses. Sec. 3106. Production, use or sale of alcohol. Sec. 3107. Transfer of alcohol to other plants or warehouses. Sec. 3108 . Withdrawal of alcohol tax-free. Sec. 3109. Sale of denatured alcohol tax-free. Sec. 3110. Distilled vinegar. Sec. 3111. Taxability of denatured alcohol or articles produced, transferred, used, or sold in violation of law or regulations. Sec. 3112 . Tax on alcohol. Sec. 3113 . Refund of tax on alcohol for loss or leakage. Sec. 3114 . Alcohol Permits. Sec. 3115 . Penalties. Sec. 3116. Forfeitures and seizures. Sec. 3117. Officers and agents authorized to investigate, issue search warrants, and prosecute for violations. Sec. 3118 . Release of seized property upon execution of bond. See. 3119. Compliance with court subpoena as to testifying of producing records. Sec. 3120 . Form of affidavit, information, or indictment. Sec. 2121 . Powers and duties of persons enforcing this part. Sec. 3122 . Other laws applicable. Sec. 3123. Application of part to Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. Sec. 3124 . Definitions. SUBCHAPTER D-FERMENTED LIQUORS Sec. 3150. Tax. Sec. 3151 . Tax-paid stamps and permits. Sec. 3152. Other provisions relating to stamps. Sec. 3153. Removals free of tax. Sec. 3154 . Refunds and credits. Sec. 3155. Requirements on brewers. Sec. 3156 . Permit to operate brewery temporarily at another place. Sec. 3157. Bottling fermented liquors. Sec. 3158 . Brewery premises. Sec. 3159. Penalties and forfeitures. Sec. 3160 . Gallon defined. SUBCHAPTR F--MISCELLANEOUS GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 3170. Transfer and delegation of powers Sec. 3171. Records, statements, and returns. Sec. 3172. Discretionary method for collecting tax. Sec. 1173. Penalties and forfeitures. Sec. 3174. Territorial extent of law. 98907°-39-PT. --- 20