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CODIFICATION OF INTERNAL REVENUE LAWS tion where the fee is held by a femme-covert, minor, person of unsound mind, or other person incapable of giving consent, as required in section 2815 (b) (1) (B), the value of such lot or tract of land, together with the building and distilling apparatus, shall be appraised in the manner to be prescribed by the Commissioner pur- suant to section 2815 (b) (1) (C); and the officer designated by the Commissioner may, at the discretion of the Commissioner, be au- thorized to accept, in lieu of the said written consent, the bond of such distiller, in such form as the Commissioner may prescribe, with not less than two personal sureties or one corporate surety, condi- tioned that in case the distillery, distilling apparatus, or any part thereof, shall by final judgment be forfeited for the violation of any of the provisions of law, the obligors shall pay the amount stated in said bond. Said sureties shall be residents of the collection district or county, or of an adjoining county in the same State in which the distillery is situated, and owners of unencumbered real estate in said district or county, or adjoining county equal to such appraised value, and the penal sum of said bond shall be equal to the appraised value of said lot or tract of land together with the buildings and distilling apparatus. (b) BoND.-T he officer designated by the Commissioner may at any time, at the discretion of the Commissioner, accept such bond as is authorized to be given by the distiller in lieu of the written consent of the owner of the fee in the case of a distillery erected prior to July 20, 1868, notwithstanding such distillery has since then been increased by the addition of land or buildings adjacent or contiguous thereto, not owned by the distiller himself in fee; such bond to be for and in respect of such addition only, if the distillery be one which the dis- tiller owns in fee or in respect to which he has procured the written consent of the owner of the fee or other encumbrance, otherwise to be for and in respect of the entire distillery as increased by such addition. (c) TRAsNFE Or DUTIES. - For transfer of powers and duties of Commissioner and his agents, see section 3170. SEC. 3181 CROSS REFERENCES. For provision authorizing and directing officers of internal revenue to withhold release of distilled spirits from bottling plants unless a certificate of label approval has been obtained or the application of the bottler for exemption has been granted, see section 5 (e) of the Fed- eral Alcohol Administration Act, as amended by section 505 of the Liquor Tax Administration Act, c. 830, 49 Stat. 1966 (U. S . C ., Title 27, Sup. II, § 205 (e)). For power of marshals or deputy marshals to arrest persons operat- ing illicit distilleries, see section 9 of the act of March 1, 1879, c. 125, 20 Stat. 341 (U. S. 0 ., Title 18, § 598). For authority to issue warrants of arrest for violation of internal revenue laws upon the sworn complaint of district attorneys, collectors, deputy collectors, revenue agents, or private citizens, see the act of March 2, 1901, c. 814, 31 Stat. 956 (U. S . C ., Title 18, § 594). 378