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APPENDIX TABLE OF CONTENTS PART I. REFERENCE TABLES Page Table A-Derivation of Internal Revenue Code -------- v Table B-Statutes Included in the Internal Revenue Code: I. Revised Statutes-----___-- _---____ _-________- XL II. Statutes at Large---------------------------- _ XLII Table C-Internal Revenue Statutes Expressly Repealed: I. Revised Statutes-------------------------------- Lx II. Statutes at Large-------------------------..---- Lx Table D-Internal Revenue Statutes Expressly Amended or Reenacted: I. Revised Statutes -------------------------------- LXIii II. Statutes at Large------------------------------ LxvII Table E-Derivation of Revised Statutes Relating to Internal Revenue_ LXXIV PART II. PROVISIONS OF THE CONSTITUTION RELATING TO TAXATION Article I (extracts); Article XVI- --..

LXXXI PART III. MISCELLANEOUS STATUTORY OR TREATY PROVISIONS U. S. Code: Title 1-General Provisions ------------------------ -- __ - _ LXXXIII Title 5-Executive Departments and Government Officers and Employees .-- ---...- . LXXXIII Title 6--Official and Penal Bonds .- . LXXXIX Title 7-Agriculture ---------. xcIl Title 1 -Bankruptcy C----------- - Title 12-Banks and Banking .. .--- - - CXLIV Title 15-Commerce and Trade _. -- - - -.. __ - -__ --. cxLIv Title 18-Criminal Code and Criminal Procedurel ---- rc _ __--__ CXLVIII Title 19-Customs Duties---------------------------_ _ CLV Title 27-Intoxicating Liquors - -_ _ ---- __---.-----_____-___- - CLIX Title 28-Judicial Code and Judiciary -------------.... ___ _ _._ CLXXII Title 31-Money and Finance ------------------------------- CLXXVIII Title 34-Navy -----------------------------..----------- CLXXIX Title 38-Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief --------------- CLXXX Title 40-Public Buildings, Property, and Works --------------- CLXXXI Title 42-The Public Health --------------------------------- CLXXXII Title 45-Railroads ---.----------

- CLXXXIII Alien Enemy Property and Income ------------------------------ CLXXXIII Treaty With Canada (Income Taxation)-------------------------- CLXXXIV Treaty With France (Double Taxation) --------------------------- CLXXXV Exemption From Internal Revenue Taxes: (A) United States Government Obligations ------------------- CLXXXIX (B) Instrumentalities of the United States and Their Obligations__ cxc (C) Insular and Panama Canal Bonds; Annuities --------------- cxcrv III