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APPENDIX Any materials used in the manufacture of such goods, and any packages, coverings, vessels, brands, and labels used in putting up the same may, under the regulations of the Secretary of the Treasury, be conveyed without the payment of revenue tax or duty into any bonded manufacturing warehouse, and imported goods may, under the aforesaid regulations, be transferred with- out the exaction of duty from any bonded warehouse into any bonded manu- facturing warehouse; but this privilege shall not be held to apply to imple- ments, machinery, or apparatus to be used in the construction or repair of any bonded manufacturing warehouse or for the prosecution of the business carried on therein. Articles or materials received into such bonded manufacturing warehouse or articles manufactured therefrom may be withdrawn or removed therefrom for direct shipment and exportation or for transportation and immediate expor- tation in bond to foreign countries or to the Philippine Islands under the super- vision of the officer duly designated therefor by the collector of the port, who shall certify to such shipment and exportation, or ladening for trans- portation, as the case may be, describing the articles by their mark or other- wise, the quantity, the date of exportation, and the name of the vessel: Provided, That the by-products incident to the processes of manufacture, including waste derived from cleaning rice in bonded warehouses under the Act of March 24, 1874, in said bonded warehouses may be withdrawn for domestic consumption on the payment of duty equal to the duty which would be assessed and collected by law if such waste or by-products were imported from a foreign country: Provided, That all waste material may be destroyed under Government super- vision. All labor performed and services rendered under these provisions shall be under the supervision of a duly designated officer of the customs and at the expense of the manufacturer. A careful account shall be kept by the collector of all merchandise delivered by him to any bonded manufacturing warehouse, and a sworn monthly return, verified by the customs officers in charge, shall be made by the manufacturer containing a detailed statement of all imported merchandise used by him in the manufacture of exported articles. Before commencing business the proprietor of any manufacturing warehouse shall file with the Secretary of the Treasury a list of all the articles intended to be manufactured in such warehouse, and state the formula of manufacture and the names and quantities of the ingredients to be used therein. Articles manufactured under these provisions may be withdrawn under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe for transportation and delivery into any bonded warehouse at an exterior port for the sole purpose of immediate export therefrom: Provided, That cigars manufactured in whole of tobacco imported from any one country, made and manufactured in such bonded manufacturing warehouses, may be withdrawn for home consumption upon the payment of the duties on such tobacco in its condition as imported under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe, and the payment of the internal-revenue tax accruing on such cigars in their con- dition as withdrawn, and the boxes or packages containing such cigars shall be stamped to indicate their character, origin of tobacco from which made, and place of manufacture. The provisions of section 3433 of the Revised Statutes shall, so far as may be practicable, apply to any bonded manufacturing warehouse established under this Act and to the merchandise conveyed therein. Distilled spirits and wines which are rectified in bonded manufacturing ware- houses, class six, and distilled spirits which are reduced in proof and bottled in such warehouses, shall be deemed to have been manufactured within the mean- ing of this section, and may be withdrawn as hereinbefore provided, and like- wise for shipment in bond to Puerto Rico, subject to the provisions of this sec- tion, and under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may pre- scribe, there to be withdrawn for consumption or be rewarehoused and subse- quently withdrawn for consumption: Provided, That upon withdrawal in Puerto Rico for consumption, the duties imposed by the customs laws of the United States shall be collected on all imported merchandise (in its condition as imported) and imported containers used in the manufacture and putting up of such spirits and wines in such warehouses: Provided further, That no internal- revenue tax shall be imposed on distilled spirits and wines rectified in class six warehouses if such distilled spirits and wines are exported or shipped in accordance with the provisions of this section, and that no person rectifying distilled spirits or wines in such warehouses shall be subject by reason of such rectification to the payment of special tax as a rectifier. (Amended June 26, 1936, c. 830, § 404, 49 Stat. 1960.) (U. S. C ., Title 19, § 1311.) DRAWBAOK AND BJrUNDS SEC. 313. (a) ARTICLES MADE FROM IMPORTED MERCHANDISE.-Upon the ex- portation of articles manufactured or produced in the United States with the CLVII