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Meteorological Committee, International, appropriation for contribution------ Metered Services, payments for, Govern- ment departments, etc----------.. Mexican Fruitfly Control, appropriation for .------.------------------- Mexico: Appropriation for- Agrarian Claims Commission, U . S . and------------------------ Ambassador to ------------------ Cotton, etc., inspection of imports from------------------------ International Boundary Commission, United States and --------- Mexican fruitfly control, coopera- tion with------------------- Migratory birds, etc., effecting pro- visions of treaty concerning- --- Pink bollworm control, cooperation with------------------------- Coronado, Francisco Vasquez de, erec- tion of monument to, near interna- tional border------------------- Expropriations of agrarian properties in, appropriation authorized for ex- penses of participation in settlement of claims-------------------- Appropriation for --------------- Deduction of expenditures from first payment------------------- Report of U. S . representative; con- tents ------------------- Transmission of copies to Secretary of Treasury; payments in ratable proportions --------- International Boundary Commission, U. S . and, adjustment and payment of certain damage claims ----..... Pink bollworm, discussions to prepare plans for eradication of, author- ized------------------------- Michigan: Isle Royale National Park, proposed, appropriation for administration- - Keeweenaw Peninsula, establishment of Coast Guard station on east coast Page 947 624 960 1324 887 962 893 960 963 961 1048 573 1324 573 573 574 841 1273 727 &In Middletown Air Depot Military Reserva- Page tion, Pa., grant of easement for right- of-way across, for oil pipe lines------ 1210 Midway Island, construction of naval aviation facilities, appropriation authorized ----------------------- 590 Appropriation for .-----.------------ 772 Migratory Bird Conservation Commission, designation of Secretary of the Inte- rior as chairman and Secretary of Agri- culture as a member--------------- 1434 Migratory Bird Conservation Fund, appro- priation for --- _ -- ---- ---- ---- --- 964 Migratory Bird Conservation Refuges, appropriation for ----------------- 964 Migratory Bird Treaty Act, appropriation for enforcement ------------------. 963 Military Academy: Appropriation for------------------ 610, 641 Cadet store, liquidation of certain debts to -------------------------- 611 Librarian, retired officer as ---------- 610 Officers detailed to, no increase in pay or allowances by reason of-------- 610 Military Appropriation Act, 1940 ------ 592 Supplemental, 1940 ----------------- 992 Military Attach6s, Foreign, sale of aviation supplies and services for aircraft operated by, authorized ----------- 795 Military Intelligence Activities, appropria- tion for------------------------ 595 Military Posts, appropriation for construc- tion, etc., at certain---------------- 602 Milk Importation Act, appropriation for enforcement----------------------- 971 Mine Rescue Cars and Stations, appro- priation for operation of, and investi- gations of accidents -------------- 722 Mineral Industries, appropriation for investigations concerning economic problems of----------------------- 723 Mineral Leasing, appropriation for en- forcement of laws relating to-------- 721 Mineral Mining Investigations, appro- priation for --------------------- 722 Mineral Resources, domestic, investiga- tions with respect to development of, essential to defense needs -------- 812 Mines, Bureau of. See Interior, De- partment of the. Minidoka Project, Idaho, appropriation for operation and maintenance, etc--------------------------- 715, 716 Mining Claims, time extended for com- mencement of annual assessment work on, held by location- ---------- 991 Mining Experiment Stations, appropria- tion for-- --------------------- 723 Ministers, appropriation for salaries---- 887 of----------------------------- Microbiology, Third International Con- gress for, appropriation authorized for expenses of holding, etc---------- 554 Appropriation for ------------------- 988 Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District, N. Mex.: Appropriation for- Final payment to-- -------------- 701 Indian lands, maintenance assess- m,,ntq .

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