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Missouri River-Continued. Time extended for bridging, at- Arrow Rock, Mo -----------------................. Garrison, N. Dak__----_--------- Poplar, Mont -------------------- Mitchel Field, N. Y ., appropriation for acquisition of land ---------------- Mixed Claims Commission, U. S. -Ger- many, appropriation for --------- Mobile Bay, time extended for bridging, Cedar Point-Dauphin Island, Ala--- Mohawk River, N. Y., examination for flood-control purposes authorized--- Monetary and Economic Conference, In- ternational, balances reappropriated- Monongahela River, construction of bridges across, in Allegheny County, Pa. , authorized ---_--- ------------ "Monopoly Investigation." See Tem- porary National Economic Commit- tee. Page 1207 754 1057 603 988 1124 1416 988 1078 Morehead City Target Range, N. C ., trans- Page fer of jurisdiction over portion by War Department to Treasury Department- 1204 Mormon Crickets, appropriation for con- trol of outbreaks of--------------- - 821 Morocco: Appropriation for- Cape Spartel and Tangier Light, contribution --------------- 891, 1324 Consular prisons------------------ 890 Morongo Irrigation Project, Calif., appro- priation for----------------------- 699 Mortgage Associations, National, issuance of certificate of approval to incor- porators-.--------------------- 808 Operations of, areas extended --------- 808 Mortgage Insurance. See National Hous- ing Act, Amendments. Morton, Emmett C. (Lt. Col.), credit in accounts ------------------------ 580 Motor Transport Regulation, appropri- ation for---------- ------------- 534 Motorboats: Outboard, exemption from certain re- quirements when competing in prearranged race---------------- 1257 Pilot rules, requirement to carry copies on board removed --- _---------- 1257 Mount McKinley National Park, Alaska, appropriation for administration, etc- 727 Mount Rainier National Park, Wash., appropriation for administration, etc- 727 Mount Rushmore National Memorial Commission: Appropriation for ----------- 513, 535 , 629 Transfer of, to Department of the In- terior -- .-- - -

. 1434 Mount Vernon Memorial Highway, ap- propriation for admlinistration, etc._ 731 Multifamily Dwellings, insurance of mort- gages on, provision repealed -------- 807 Munitions of War: Educational orders for certain, appro- priations made available for special studies; appropriations authorized_ 560 Appropriation for .-------------- 595, 993 Muscat, appropriation for maintenance of consular prisons ------------------ 890 Muskingum River Canal, pontoon foot- bridge authorized across, at Beverly, Ohio----------------------------- 1243 Muskingum River Valley Dams, inclusion of, in flood-control plan for Ohio River Basin --------------------- 1414 Muskingum Watershed Conservancy Dis- trict: Dams, etc., inclusion in flood-control plan for Ohio River Basin ------- 1414 Operation and maintenance, relief from obligation of------------- 1415 Montana: Appropriation for- Glacier National Park, administra- tion, etc---------------------- 726 Indians- Irrigation projects, etc ---------- 699, 700,701,702, 715, 860 Support, etc., of ------------- 707,708 Medicine Lake Migratory Waterfowl Refuge, deficiency judgments, condemnation proceedings ----- 1317 Custer National Battlefield Cemetery, erection of public museum within; appropriation authorized- ------ 1337 Frazer, bridge authorized across Mis- souri River at ------------------ 1206 Glacier National Park, lands acquired for fish hatchery added to ------- 1142 liamilton, limit of cost of construction of post office increased _ -- ------ 1305 Judicial district, terms of court; accom- modations ------------------- 1236 National forests, President authorized to add to existing or create new, from public lands in------------- 1071 Poplar, time extended for bridging Mis- souri River at ------------------ 1057 Rocky Boy Indian Reservation, lands added to----------------------- 552 State Water Conservation Board, exe- cution of contract with, for acqui- sition of water for irrigating lands on Tongue River Indian Reserva- tion authorized; appropriation au- thorized------------------------ 1411 Montana National Bison Range, appropri- ation for maintenance------------ 964 Monterey, Calif., establishment of Coast r* ..

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