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Secretary of Labor. See also Labor, De- partment of. Savings and Loan Associations, Federal, liability for employment taxes------ Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, Federal: Appropriation for------------------ Transfer of, to Federal Loan Agency-- Schools and Colleges, appropriation for military supplies and equipment for-- Scientific Congress, Eighth American, ap- propriation for organizing and hold- ing------------------------------ Scientific Unions and Associated Unions, International Council of, appropria- tion for contributions ------------- Scott, Winfield (Gen.), loan of portrait of, to Virginia Military Institute author- ized------------------------------ Sea Food Inspectors Act, appropriation for enforcement------------------ Seacoast Defenses, appropriation for---- 641, 6g Seamen. See also Vessels. Allotment of portion of wages to rela- tives or savings banks; conditions requisite; punishment for false claim ------------------------- Seattle, Wash.: Appropriation for- Assay office . -------------------- Dispatch agency ----------------- Hydrographic office ---------------- Land in, acceptance of certain, author- ized ---------------------------- Naval Air Station, construction at, authorized -------------------- Second Deficiency Appropriation Act, Fiscal Year 1939------------------ Second Liberty Bond Act, Amendment, limitation on face amount of bonds removed ---------------------- Secondary or Feeder Roads, appropria- tion for Federal aid in construction-- Secret Service Division. See Treasury Department. Secretary of Agriculture. See also Agri- culture, Department of. Arkansas-Mississippi Bridge Commis- sion, appointment of members by- Finance, Director of, delegation to, of authority to sign requisitions for disbursing funds authorized------- Member of Migratory Bird Conserva- tion Commission--------------- Secretary of Commerce. See also Com- merce, Department of. Inland Waterways Corporation, sub- stitution of, as incorporator, in place of Secretary of War-------- Member of Coronado Exposition Com- mission------------------------- Page 1402 548 1430 616 896 892 821 972 610, 44, 996 794 67( 88' 781 1078 79' 621 107 96 75 141 143 143 1fA Member of Board of Trustees, Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund------------------- ecretary of State. See also State, De- partment of. Foreign-trade routes, consultation with, before granting additional subsidy for---------------------------- Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, appointment of assistants to Com- missioner to adjudicate claims against, by-------------------- Report to----------------------- Secretary of the Interior. See also Inte- rior, Department of the. Member of- Coronado Exposition Commission--- Migratory Bird Conservation Com- mission, chairman------------- Secretary of the Navy. See also Navy Department. Assistant Secretary, service as Acting Secretary authorized------------- Personnel board, appointment of, to investigate matters concerning regular and reserve aviation per- sonnel; report------------------- Secretary of the Treasury. See also Treasury Department. Member of- Board of Trustees of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library -

Federal Old-Age and Survivors In- surance Trust Futnd, Hoard of Trustees .-------- - Page 1362 1185 1199 1200 1047 1434 1222 821 1063 1362 Railroad adjustments, action with re- spect to claims of United States as creditor --------------------- 1138 Transportation Act, 1920, designation of, as agent under -------------- 1432 Secretary of War. See War Department. Securities: Transfers of worthless, by executor, etc., tax on -------------------- 883 Validity of tax liens against mortgagees, pledgees, purchasers, and judgment creditors---------------------- 882 Securities and Exchange Commission: Appropriation for ----------- 539, 629, 1306 Exchanges and distributions in obe- dience to orders of, extension of time-------------------------- 878 Reorganization Act of 1939, exemption of, from transfer, etc., under------ 561 Security Agency. See Federal Security Agency. Sqed Act. See Federal Seed Act. CI INDEX IVY -- -- f