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INDEX United States Courts-Continued. Page Administration of-Continued. Application of provisions ----------- 1225 Department of Justice employees en- gaged in audit of judicial ac- counts, transfer of _- - -- -- - -- -- 1225 Effective date------------------ 1226 Funds, transfer of--------------- 1225 Judicial accounts, transfer of powers and duties relating to audit of --- 1226 Judicial council, meetings ---------- 1224 Personnel, administrative powers and duties respecting certain, trans- ferred ---------------------- 1226 Appropriation for- Bailiffs, etc ------------------ 636, 905 China, United States Court for ----- 904 Claims, Courtof ------------------ 904 Clerks of courts---------------- 905, 986 Commissioners, fees--------------- 905 Conciliation commissioners--------- 986 Customs and Patent Appeals, Court of--------------------------- 904 Customs Court, United States ------ 904 District of Columbia, United States Courts for----------- 903, 1308,1309 Judges, salaries--------------- 636,905 Jurors and witnesses ---------- 636, 905 Marshals ---------------- 636, 900, 986 Miscellaneous expenses _ -------- 636, 906 Miscellaneous salaries ------------- 636 Panama Canal Zone, District Court- 904, 986 Printing and binding -------------- 986 Probation system ----------------- 902 Salaries, miscellaneous ------------- 906 Supreme Court, United States ----- 903 Territorial courts -------------- 636, 904 Books, transmittal to successors in of- fice; marking ------------------ 906 China, United States Court for, funds made available for traveling ex- penses of employees in emergencies_ 1319 Citizenship requirements, employees--- 1337 Claims, Court of- Review of cases by Supreme Court on certiorari; inclusion of material portions of record ------------ 752 Jurisdiction of Supreme Court on review--------------------- 752 District judges, restriction to one em- ployee; exception--------------- 906 District of Columbia, District Court for, jurisdiction of actions arising from administration of trust funds by Board of Trustees of the Frank- lin D. Roosevelt Library --------- 1064 Employees, time limitation for exercise of option under Civil Service Re- tirement Act------------------- 1201 United States Courts-Continued. Hawaii, District Court for, rules of procedure in U. S . courts made applicable to------------------ Immigration and Naturalization Service, funds not available for compen- sation of assistants to clerks of courts----------------------- Judges- Compensation of, taking office on or before June 6, 1932, inclusion in gross income----------------- Exemption from taxation under Revenue Act of 1938 or prior acts.------------------- Retirement of, appointed to hold office during good behavior, be- cause of permanent disability-_ Pay, if less than 10 years of serv- ice; more than 10 years------ Virgin Islands, temporary appoint- ment of special judge for District Court for, authorized---------- Probation officers- Appointment by district judges, etc Provision repealed-------------- Disqualifications- Failure to comply with official orders, etc------- --------- Failure to conform to required qualifications-------------- Provisions repealed

Stenographers or law clerks, salary limitation; persons with dual quali- fications -------------------- Supreme Court- Administrative Office of the United States Courts, appointment of Director and Assistant Director by--------------------------- Building Commission, dissolution of; disposition of records -------- Court of Claims, review of cases in, by certiorari; inclusion of material portions of record ----------- Jurisdiction on review --------- United States Code, Annotated, price limitation--------------------- Virgin Islands, District Court for, tem- porary appointment of special judge for, authorized------------------ United States Employees' Compensation Commission. See Employees' Com- pensation Commission. United States Employment Service: Apportionment of funds to States, 1940---- ---------------------- Appropriation for------------------- Payment to States---------------- Reapportionment of unused balances - - Page 841 922 575 577 1204 1205 1203 902 1225 902 902 1225 906 1223 1266 752 752 906 1203 925 925 925 925 CXV